By Jason Small

Within mere seconds, the title track grabs you with an insanely infectious hook that is quick to stick in your head as its presence remains felt while accompanied by the fresh, vivid instrumentals which elicit a serious buzz. The energy keeps running hot into Healing Power, characterised by these bright, dazzling chimes and cool synths radiating strong summer vibes, not to mention some really nice harmonies to boot

Get It Together is the catchiest piece yet, and above and beyond the funkiest; the groove being simply contagious, and lastly is Sunshine Promise, which doesn’t necessarily bring anything new to the table by this point, but is still a solid tune nonetheless.

I admit to knowing very little about the mysterious British day-dreaming music maker CHAMP, but I do know this: they’re very good at what they do, and are in dire need of attention from the electronic music community, who are sure to revel in the quality material that the Fantasy Land EP presents.

FACEBOOK: champtracks

TWITTER: @champtracks

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