Socially Distant Spins with Into the Red

Next up in our socially distant spins series is Sheffield’s very own Alternative rock band, Into the Red. With their unique sound focusing on progressive rock and dreamy cosmic emotions, we were really intrigued to see what albums the band have been listening to on repeat during lockdown… have a read below now…

Album 1) Black Marble – Bigger Than Life

Standout track: One Eye Open

Why did it make the list? ‘New Order sung into a trashcan’ is the youtube genre assignment to this syth pop duo. They’re so much more than that though, this new album brings a bright darkness with driving 808s and sombre, nostalgic lyrics. It’s melancholic yet so danceable, great group, also check out their second album It’s Immaterial.

Album 2) Hot Mulligan – You’ll Be Fine

Standout track: OG Blue sky

Why did it make the list? As massive fans of the midwest emo scene from both late 90s and the ‘revival’ from the 2010s onwards Hot Mulligan have distilled the sensibilities and pumped it into a math influenced pop album, it’s a lot of fun to listen to!

Album 3) Obongjayar – Which Way is Forward?

Standout Track: 10K

Why did it make the list? 10k is a story of persevering though life difficulties, perfect for our current situation, it’s afrobeat with a cool, heavy bass, deep grizzly vocals and it’s really motivating to get stuff done!

Album 4) Grey Area – Little Simz

Standout track: Boss

Why did it make the list? ‘I’m a boss in a FUCKING DRESS’ this album is just so cool, that bassline in ‘Boss’ is reminiscent of old skool hip hop but it’s so quintessentially British it hurts. The whole album features strong supports from Chronixx, Michael Kiwanuka and Little dragon, it’s gorgeous in production and flow. Little Simz with Kano, Ghetts, Skepta and Stormzy are bringing grime into the forefront of the zeitgeist.

Album 5) Charli – Charli xcx

Standout track: (can I say all of them?…) for real though ‘Gone’

Why did it make the list? As one of our ‘Albums of the year’ last year, and despite only coming out in the late half of 2019, probably up there with albums of the decade, Charli xcx brung her a-game with this album. With a lot of familiar features it’s a masterpiece of both pop music and subverting pop, with a crisp production, extreme bubblegum bass aesthetics it takes you on a journey into the underbellies of a cyberpunk future where the Charli xcx AI has taken over all music.

‘Gone’ is a stand out because it’s an emotional resonance of anxiety and frustration with self and those who surround us. It’s a cathartic struggle duet and near perfect in every way.





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