Discotheque indie four piece, The Roov have truly outdone themselves with their latest release, Boys

by Chelsea Ness

Hailing from Lossiemouth, disco soul rock n roll outfit, The Roov are quickly becoming one of the biggest players in the Scottish music scene. From sharing a stage with Nile Rogers and CHIC at Belladrum Festival, their tracks reaching hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify and now the successful release of their latest single, Boys this is just the start of what’s to come for the band…

Right from the opening line, ‘I can’t get you out of my head, when I’m not with you‘ fans are sucked in to the quirky colourful melodies and catchy rhythmic guitar riffs. The track is a bright and bold statement about finally getting ‘the one’ back. With the infectious synths and punchy drums, it’s impossible to listen to the song in full without dancing along to the radiant pop beats, making it the perfect song to belt out in the shower!

The Official Video for Boys

There’s strong influences from bands such as The 1975, Blossoms and MGMT within the track yet The Roov still manage to add their own unique style into the mix. Despite, Boys being a lot more pop styled influenced than their previous releases, it shows that the band aren’t just tied down to one genre which is so important in the industry today. It’s vital for bands to get out their comfort zone when it comes to exploring their style and experimenting with new sounds which is certainly what The Roov achieve with Boys.

The chorus: ‘I’ve watched you waste your time with all the other boys, I know our lights went out, I’m caught in a 22, I’ve been missing you.’ relates to the persona trying to persuade an ex girlfriend to get back with them after seeing her with other guys. The vocals suggest the persona is still in love with his ex and will do anything for her to come back. The thought of someone you still have feelings for being with someone else is utterly heart-breaking yet the track creates this optimistic approach throughout suggesting that it could be a happy ending.

My favourite part of the track however is towards the end when the powerful vocals erupt with, ‘GIRL, I’VE BEEN MISSING YOU’ followed by fireworks of eccentric synths and soulful melodies… the ultimate finale. It’s at this part of the song I can just imaging an explosion of confetti being set off during a live performance… be it at a music festival or The Roov’s own arena tour someday… this is a band that have huge potential in industry and I just can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us…


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheRoov/

Twitter: @The_Roov

Instagram: @The@themusicfilesblog

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