Socially Distant Spins with Alive and Gigging

Alive and Gigging is one of the latest upcoming blogs within the Scottish music scene with daily reviews and features promoting new bands within the industry.

Founded by David Dryburgh, he explained how the blog started up, ‘I have been an avid follower of music for way to many years to count and at the turn of the year I decided to start a blog as a hobby, so created AliveandGigging and took it from there. Loving every minute of it, featuring and promoting new bands and generally trying to do anything I can to support the local music scene in Dundee area and beyond (no limits when it comes to reviewing new music). It’s a pity that I still have a day job urghhhhh !!! The one thing I have learned is there are so many bands out there that I had never heard of so it’s been great eye opener and I don’t know how I will be able to afford to see all the bands that I want to see in the future.’

Alive and Gigging has certainly being doing a fantastic job promoting many new bands on the scene and we can’t wait to see what else David has in store for us! Find out his top albums during lockdown below…

Album 1: Lloyd Cole and The Commotions – Rattlesnakes

Why did it make the list? This is just a perfect indie pop album, from probably one of the best lyricists of the 1980’s, it was one of my go to albums back in the day and still is.

Fave Tracks – Perfect Skin, Rattlesnakes & Patience

Album 2: Frightened Rabbit – Pedestrian Verse

Why did it make the list? Probably my favourite band, again great songwriting skills, dealing with all sorts of issues, Scott is sadly missed. This choice may go against popular opinion but this my favourite of their albums.

Fave Tracks – Acts of Man, Woodpile, Oil Slick and Escape Route

Album 3: Stone Roses – Stone Roses

Why did it make the list? Well just because, in my opinion it’s the best debut album ever, full of tracks that influenced the indie music then and still now.

Fave Tracks – All of them, but if pushed to choose a few they would be – I Wanna be Adored, Waterfall, This is the One and Made of Stone

Album 4: Lorde – Melodrama

Why did it make the list? Absolutely banging album, dark electro pop at its very best and surely a future headliner for Glastonbury and other festivals.

Fave Tracks – Green Light, Liability and Supercut

Album 5: Echo Machine – Instant Transmissions

Why did it make the list? For two reasons, firstly because it’s a great album and secondly because it is the album I am playing most atm and couldn’t give it up.

Fave Tracks – Headlights, Automatic Love and The Road

One band who would be on this list but haven’t yet released an album are Mark Sharp and the Bicycle Thieves who are my favourite up and coming band at the moment and they are pretty much on repeat just now...


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