Meet the Musician: Jack Cattell

WHO? Singer songwriter from Walsall, Jack Cattell

GENRE? Alt Rock / Folk Rock

FOR FANS OF: Jake Bugg, Miles Kane, Dylan John Thomas

THE MUSIC FILES FAVOURITE TRACK: Cliches and Fairytales. A song written about closure after the break-up of a relationship… Cliches and Fairytales displays a sense of love, regret, forgiveness and heartbreak all at the same time. The lyrics suggest that it was written about an relationship that didn’t end well. ‘No, I didn’t mean to break your heart and who was I to ever tear your world apart’. Despite the lyrics relating to the break-up, there’s something really touching about the song… It suggests that although it wasn’t meant to be, enough time has passed by for both individuals to get the closure they need and move on.

WHY ARE WE DIGGIN THEM? Exciting and fresh. Jack’s songs take you on a journey expressing everyday life issues such as love, alcohol and heartbreak. He writes the type of meaningful songs that we can all relate to. It’s incredible what one man and a guitar can do.

THE MUSIC FILES FAVOURITE LYRICS: ‘I’m not drinking any more but I’m not drinking any less either’ Good Old Mr Daniel’s.


January 2017: I played my first ever solo show at The Actress and Bishop to coincide with my first release “It’s Over Now EP”. With it being my first solo show I remember my expectations being relatively low in terms of attendance and even to date it’s still one of my favourite shows. I didn’t stress about how many people would be there or even what it’d be like. I just enjoyed every moment of it from start to finish. It turns out I managed to bring in 100+ and it is still a night I look back up on with fond memories.
April 2018: After struggling for a year trying to get recordings finished, I spent two full days at Robannas in Birmingham in the January recording the album. In hindsight I wish I’d have taken more care with some of the songs but I learned a lot from that experience. This album was released in April of 2018 and called “Keep Trucking On”. I was still proud of the release and celebrated with a Sold Out show at The Sunflower Lounge in Birmingham. Once again a completely solo affair. To sell out such a prestigious venue on my own, looking back, was a special achievement for me. What a night.
May 2018: The highlight of my career so far has been performing in front of 30,000 Wolves fans at the Wolverhampton Wanderers promotion party. I was on a bill that included Reef and Beverley Knight and played in front of some of my footballing heroes too. The best day of my life so far.
August ’19: The first track of mine to get airtime on BBC Introducing “Good Old Mr.Daniel’s was an achievement I had been seeking since my first release. This tune felt like a breakthrough song for me, a true representation of the sound I wanted and was capable of. 
Jan 2020: Discover Birmingham with Alex Ohm – Another sold out show at The Sunflower Lounge with our good friends in Alex Ohm. This time equipped with my band (Ally on bass and Josh on drums) we were the first line-up to sell out in advance of the show. This show presented a big step up for us with it being a show in association with BBC introducing. 
May 2020: “Love Me” hit 10,000 streams on Spotify. Another step forward and the first track we’d recorded as a full band. I always knew this song had potential from the moment I wrote it and we’re so grateful for all the love and support we’ve received from everyone regarding this song.





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