Socially Distant Spins with Nicole Heaney

Founder of Grassroots Music Promotions, Nicole Heaney showcases the best local talent through gigs and all-day events. From the likes of Carly Connor, Warren Capaldi, Petty Cassettes and The Asuras, Nicole is a music guru when it comes to putting on a good show! Alongside music promotions, Nicole also manages some of the best upcoming bands and musicians across Scotland including Leaving Bordeaux and Toni Woods! Find out what Nicole has been listening to throughout the lockdown below now…

Album one – The La’s – one of the best debuts ever.

Why did it make the list? This record just reminds me of some of the best parties of my younger years and it’s absolutely timeless. This was one of the first vinyls (original) I ever bought many years ago and I’ve not stopped playing it since.

Favourite tunes on it are Liberty Ship, Feelin, I.O.U Infact all of them are my favourites.

Album 2: Bruce Springsteen: Born In The USA

Why did it make the list? what’s not to love? When you hear that Springsteen sound it just transports you 80s heartland America (my idea of heaven), it’s good old romantic stories from the Boss.

Favourtie tracks : I’m on Fire, Going Down and of course Dancing in the Dark.

Album 3: The Rolling Stones – Exile on Main St

Why did it make the list? The Stones at their best – blues blues blues! Unreal album from start to finish.

Favourite songs: Sweet Virginia, Tumbling Dice, Ventilator Blues.

Album 4: The Doors – LA Woman

Why did it make the list? So so many memories from this album. I found The Doors through my dads CD collection (he’s a DJ so what a bloody collection) back in my teens and became obsessed with Mr Mojo Risin (even have it tattooed on me what was I thinking!) and that was me hooked. I remember at the time there was a mix of Riders In The Storm lyrics on the track of Blondies Heart of Glass and it was class! Never managed to find the same mix since. This album is sensational and the best one of theirs in my opinion.

Favourite tracks: Hyacinth House, LA Woman, The Wasp, Cars hiss by my  Window.

Album 5: The Verve: A Northern Soul

Why did it make the list? The Verve has to be one of if not my favourite band and you can’t beat bit of early Verve.

Favourite tracks: too many to pick History, On your Own and of course Life’s an Ocean – Nick McCabe  is sensational (as per) on that track.



Twitter: @MusicGrassroots

Instagram: @grassrootsmusicuk

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