Socially Distant Spins with EVERYDAY PHARAOHS

Today, we catch up with Rock trio, Everyday Pharaohs to discuss what albums they’ve had on repeat during the lockdown. From self-producing and recording two EPs since the band formed in 2015, their hard work is certainly getting their name about the local scene! Their most recent release of Years & Years & Years has had a great reaction so far and we can’t wait to see what else the guys have in store for us! Have a read at their top lockdown albums below…

Matt Johnson (drums)
      Album 1: ‘Songs For The Deaf‘ – Queens Of The Stone Age

   Why did it make the list? I was lucky enough to pick up this record on vinyl shortly before lockdown began and it’s pretty much not left my turntable since. The aggressive punchy riffs and little tongue-in-cheek radio skits are ideal for fighting off the lethargic, lockdown blues. I’ll slam it on first thing in the morning whilst I’m pottering about endlessly cleaning and hope it inspires me to go and practice my drumming.

Album 2: ‘boygenius’ – boygenius

Why did it make the list? You stick Julian Baker, Lucy Dacus and Phoebe Bridgers together in SoundCity and you’re bound to get something good. Just solid songwriting all around; poignant and emotional till the end and their voices all sound so haunting. It’s a great album to reflect to, I personally have it on when I’m washing the dishes so I can stare at the slowly disappearing bubbles and get existential. The entire EP hits the ‘in-limbo’ vibe that I think we’ve all been experiencing recently, a sort of transitional period of uncertainty that we all hope is going somewhere better.

Sean Halket (guitar, vocals)

Album 3: ‘Chase This Light’ – Jimmy Eat World

Why did it make the list? This is an album I’ve found myself turning back to during these dark times in a desperate attempt at getting to a more optimistic headspace. I had initially overlooked Chase This Light in favour of Jimmy Eat World’s more notable works such as Futures and Bleed American however it’s been a pleasant surprise in rediscovering that I in fact love every single song on this album. Jim Adkins lyrics cut deeper than ever through choruses which you can’t help but sing along to and while they’re poignancy is at the forefront, they are timelessly uplifting.

Ewen Connell (guitar, bass)

Album 4: “Mt Joy” – Mt Joy

Why did it make the list? With catchy riffs and sweeping group vocals, “Mt Joy” by Mt Joy proves to be the perfect companion to get you through the lockdown blues. Having discovered this band before and becoming a casual listener, I find them to be my go to artist to pick me up in the morning and get me through the night. Tracks like “Astrovan” and “Sheep” show Mt Joy’s ability to create an expansive sonic space for the listener with engaging lyrics and emotional choruses, where tracks such as “Silver Lining” and their latest single “Strangers” let loose with energetic choruses and catchy hooks. Whether your attempting to bake banana bread for the third time or staring at your stack of unwashed dishes, Mt. Joy find a way to keep you motivated and mellow all at once.

Album 5: The Drew Thomas Foundation’ – The Drew Thomas Foundation

Why did it make the list? I discovered The Drew Thomas Foundation a few months back and since the release of their debut album the sounds of this solo artist have been a constant in my life. Tracks like “Stay” and “A Little More Time” provide driving rhythms and crunchy guitar riffs, paralleled against softer more intimate tracks such as “Pace Yourself”. With uplifting instrumentals and melancholy lyrics, “The Drew Thomas Foundation” is an album that can be listened to under any circumstance, locked in your home or locked in your home but in a different room.





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