Meet the Bands: Sunstinger

WHO? Ex members of Sergeant, Armory and Foreignfox members all make up Scottish four piece, Sunstinger

GENRE? Alternative edgy rock

FOR FANS OF: The Jesus and Mary Chain, Interpol and Joy Division

THE MUSIC FILES FAVOURITE TRACK: The Space Between Us. The distorted guitar weaves in with the heavy drums and infectious lyrics creating a crescendo of audaciously daring but brilliant sounds. The track relates to a break-up yet the vibe of song creates this inspiring melody that makes us feel like everything is going to be okay.

WHY ARE WE DIGGIN THEM? They use their influences from 80s alternative rock to create their own blend of raw sounds that capture the true talent of the band. Their music was made to be performed in a live setting amongst a live setting! They have an incredibly professional aura within their style that a lot of bands struggle to maintain… definitely top of our list to see when gigs return!

THE MUSIC FILES FAVOURITE LYRICS: ‘I see you moving walls and making room for me, trust the notion in your mind and set it free’. (All The Things You Wish I’d Say).


Outwith Festival 2019

This was a weird one, we ended up getting put first on the bill on the biggest venue / main stage. So we were first band on at around 3pm in a 700 cap venue. Because if the time slot and the venue size we assumed we’d be playing the first half of our set in front of no one in this massive venue which would be a bit embarrassing. We were completely wrong. In the 15 minutes of the doors opening the venue was completely packed out. Its was mad. We played a newish set and it was the first time Nick played with us on drums. It was a real confidence booster for us to see that much people show up. Things have been progressing at a good pace ever since then, it was a real moment for us.

PJ Molloys Nov 2019

This was our first headline show. It was great to put on our own night in our hometown and I feel it was our opportunity to prove ourselfs as one of the big bands in the town. We have a massive music scene in Dunfermline so its a big deal. The night was a great success. The venue was mobbed and we were again blown away by the response and now one of the big names in the town.


We played an early show in Glenrothes which was a nightmare. Taylor strap snapped half way through the gig so he had to hold it up for three songs. Then he kicked a full pint over his pedal board. It was a pure nightmare. That bad that Instead of being pissed off at each other we just laughed about it and ended up having a pretty good night.





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