An Interview with The Young

Four piece indie rock band, The Young have had an incredible year with new releases, headlining at The Fighting Cocks and supporting Futureheads! We caught up with the band to discuss what it was like working with UK promoters This Feeling, how they’re spending their time during lockdown and of course their latest release, ‘The Boys’…

Hey guys, how have you guys been spending your time during lockdown? 
Hello! Many different things to keep the mind and body active, running, playing music and time with the household. Me (Alfie singer) and George (bass player) live together so we’ve used this time to practise and work on songs. Half of us are still working so that still takes up our time.

Who are your musical influences and what drew you to them? Musical influences vary for us. We are influenced by your generic bands such as Oasis and Stone Roses but we take inspiration from different genres from punk to reggae. Anything with an attitude and a vision I can resonate with I am drawn to. 

You released your latest single, ‘The Boys’ at the start of the year what was the creative process behind it? Was there a particular meaning you wanted the single to represent? 
With most of our songs Tom (guitarist) will write a tune and bring it to the table. We’ll crack on with it for a while and add bits to the song as a collective. It usually finds its place in our list of songs. ‘The Boys’ is partly about having a tough day/week and just wanting to let your inhibitions go down the pub with your mates. 

Has there been a particular gig you’ve  played that has stuck out for you and if so why? I would have to say the Fight Cocks In Kingston which we sold out and headlined for This Feeling’s ‘Big in 2020’ or a local sell out gig at the London Stone in Staines. Being in a unsigned band has spectacular highs but sometimes comes with the worry of not getting as many heads down to a gig as you’d hoped. With these sell out shows it really makes you appreciate the work you’ve been putting in and motivates you to improve to the next level.

You’ve previously played a few gigs with This Feeling and are also going on a mini tour with them in August – how is it working with one of the biggest promoters in the UK? It’s been good! We’ve been playing with This Feeling for around two years now and have slowly been working our way up in the ranks. Needless to say we are absolute ecstatic to play this tour and get back on the road! 

Who are your favourite local bands you’ve been listening to lately? Our friends younger brother is in a band called Shamefaced, they are a cracking group of lads and have cool sound to go with it, we’re looking forward to seeing them rise in the next few years. Our mates Dirty Orange are also really cool, great tunes and lovely lads to spend time with.

What advice would you give to people who are thinking of starting a band / job in the industry? Do it because you love it and try not to see being in a band as a ‘job’. The moment you start doing music for money Is the moment it goes tits up. Just enjoy the ride and pick up as many characters and experiences as you can along the way.

Whats your favourite song to perform live and why? It has to be Control, our finishing song. It’s an absolute rollercoaster and a perfect finishing blow to end a set and knacker out the audience. It’s kind of like cherry on the top.

What are your aims and ambitions as a band? As a band we’re looking to get a big as possible and to play to as many people as possible. 

What have you got planned when the world returns to normality? Give each other a big old hug and play some monster tunes! We plan to get the ball rolling with gigs and our mini tour. We’ve had many of our people tell us how excited they are for our gigs again and so we are we.


Twitter and Instagram: @youngbanduk


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