Socially Distant Spins with Katie Guthrie

Our next guest in the Socially Distant Spins series is Katie Guthrie, co-founder of Underground Sounds, one of Edinburgh’s top promoters for the Capital’s local music scene in which they recently won Indie Business of The Year 2020! Katie is a valued member of the music industry through her gig promotions, reviews and interviews so we can’t to read what albums have been helping her through the lockdown….

Album 1: ‘Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent’ – Lewis Capaldi

Why did it make the list? Last year was a really strong year for albums where I liked every track on the album and when Lewis Capaldi dropped his debut, I liked every single song on there. I’m quite an emotional person, and sometimes you just have to be in your feelings for a while. This album is perfect for perhaps the sad and lonely times in isolation. Also, just the fact Lewis Capaldi is Scottish gets me feeling a bit patriotic, I love subtle the references to Scottish culture in his lyrics. I am so incredibly proud of our incredible music scene here.

My top three tracks of the album are, ‘Don’t Get Me Wrong’, ‘Forever’ and ‘Fade’.‘

Album 2: The Black Parade’ – My Chemical Romance

Why did it make the list? I had to have a My Chem album on here, I was struggling to choose which as I think they are all perfect, I don’t think there is an MCR song I don’t like. However, I have found myself coming back to The Black Parade recently. The concept of this album is insane, it is a Rock Opera, the album is so well thought out and MCR really don’t skimp on the fine details of it from the iconic military jackets to the different characters brought to you throughout. There is also a secret track that was hidden at the end of the album.
I couldn’t live without my MCR albums so naturally they have been getting through this isolation. I have tickets to their return show in Milton Keynes in June so had been listening to them more recently as I was getting hyped for that, I still have no idea whether that is happening or not now. I have also been binge-watching their live performance of ‘The Black Parade’ in full on their YouTube.

Top three tracks, ‘The End’, ‘Dead’ and ‘House of Wolves’.

Album 3: ‘Thank U, Next’ – Ariana Grande

Why did it make the list? Until ‘Thank U, Next’ dropped, I wasn’t a huge Ariana Grande fan, I liked her in Victorious when I was wee and I liked some of her singles that had released previously but I wasn’t fully sold on her until then. ‘Thank U, Next’ was another album that dropped in 2019 where I found myself falling in love with every single track on the album. I think that the music in ‘Thank U, Next’ is well balanced with fun upbeat bops (‘Thank U, Next’, ‘7 Rings’, ‘Bad Idea’ and ‘Breakup with your girlfriend, I’m bored’.) that will keep you in high spirits during lockdown to some more serious, soulful songs (‘Needy’, ‘In My Head’ and ‘Fake Smile’.).

Top three tracks ‘Needy’, ‘7 Rings’ and ‘Breakup with your girlfriend, I’m bored’.

Album 4: ‘Please Please Me’ – The Beatles

Why did it make the list? This album is just an absolute classic, The Beatles debut. I feel like most of the songs off ‘Please Please Me’ are quite uplifting and you just can’t go wrong with The Beatles. My first ever memories of proper music are The Beatles and listening to them in the car with my parents. The Beatles definitely impacted me in a huge way and I don’t think I would be doing what I do in music without them.

Top three tracks: ‘Boys’, ‘I Saw Her Standing There’ and ‘Twist and Shout’.

Album 5: ‘Hollywood’s Bleeding’ – Post Malone

Why did it make the list? Quite like with Ariana Grande and ‘Thank U, Next’, I wasn’t really into Post Malone until ‘Hollywood’s Bleeding’. Of course, I liked some of his previous singles, who doesn’t know ‘Rockstar’ but I never really got Post Malone. ‘Hollywood’s Bleeding’ is another album that dropped in 2019 and I loved every track. I only quite recently got into this album properly, maybe a month or two ago, so I’ve kept it spinning regularly throughout lockdown.

Top three tracks: Goodbyes’, ‘Take What You Want’ and ‘Internet’



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Instagram: @undergroundsoundsedinburgh

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