Spotify Playlist: Writer’s Recommendations – Emily Duff

by Emily Duff

It’s been pretty hard to narrow it down – it was initially 50 songs. I’ve managed to narrow it down but it’s very random – or eclectic, that makes it sound cool. Below, I’ve written a few explanations. Enjoy the playlist.

As the World Falls Down – David Bowie

Bowie is my ultimate icon and everyone should own at least one album. I was raised on the movie Labyrinth and it will always have a special place in my heart (and playlist). This tune is from the ballroom scene which absolutely fascinated me – it’s such a magical song.

Raspberry Beret – Prince

I was so lucky to have seen Prince before he passed. I saw him with my dad (who’s mint) so this song always reminds me of him too. Prince is a genius (he’s canny mint too) and Raspberry Beret is a classic.

Ghost Town – Kanye West

Kanye hasn’t produced a bad album and Ye was the soundtrack to my 2018 summer. I went to New York and annoyed everyone by having this on repeat so it always brings back fond memories.

Because the Night – Patti Smith

I read Patti Smith’s Just Kids without fully knowing who she was. The book absolutely changed my life – it was the main focus of my uni application and introduced me to the 60s/70s which makes up majority of my music collection now. This tune is also an anthem.

Diet Mountain Dew – Lana Del Rey

This album was one of the first I discovered on my own and started my passion for hunting new tunes. Plus, Lana is an icon.

Published by emilyjduff

Brought up around music, I have a weird mix of taste. I love going to gigs and listening to new releases. I’m currently doing my English Degree and hope to become a full time journalist after that.

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