Spotify Playlist: Writer’s Recommendations – Emily Duff

by Emily Duff

It’s been pretty hard to narrow it down – it was initially 50 songs. I’ve managed to narrow it down but it’s very random – or eclectic, that makes it sound cool. Below, I’ve written a few explanations. Enjoy the playlist.

As the World Falls Down – David Bowie

Bowie is my ultimate icon and everyone should own at least one album. I was raised on the movie Labyrinth and it will always have a special place in my heart (and playlist). This tune is from the ballroom scene which absolutely fascinated me – it’s such a magical song.

Raspberry Beret – Prince

I was so lucky to have seen Prince before he passed. I saw him with my dad (who’s mint) so this song always reminds me of him too. Prince is a genius (he’s canny mint too) and Raspberry Beret is a classic.

Ghost Town – Kanye West

Kanye hasn’t produced a bad album and Ye was the soundtrack to my 2018 summer. I went to New York and annoyed everyone by having this on repeat so it always brings back fond memories.

Because the Night – Patti Smith

I read Patti Smith’s Just Kids without fully knowing who she was. The book absolutely changed my life – it was the main focus of my uni application and introduced me to the 60s/70s which makes up majority of my music collection now. This tune is also an anthem.

Diet Mountain Dew – Lana Del Rey

This album was one of the first I discovered on my own and started my passion for hunting new tunes. Plus, Lana is an icon.

Published by emilyduff

Emily is a Journalist and PR Assistant from Newcastle who is currently studying English Literature at the University of Sheffield. She is also the owner and producer of her magazine, Darling, Lifestyle Editor for Forge Press and Marketing Lead for Liberty Belle Magazine.

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