Socially Distant Spins with Brian Webster

Highly influenced by the likes of Bob Dylan, The Velvet Underground and The Stone Roses, Brian has been a key player in the Glasgow music scene over the last few years and with the recent release of his latest single, ‘(I’ve Got A) Warning’ getting a incredible reaction from fans, we can’t wait to see what else Brian has in store for us. Singer songwriter, Brian Webster brings us our first ‘Socially Distant Spins’ of the week…

Album 1. The New Abnormal – The Strokes

Why did it make the list? It’s always a gift from the music gods when The Strokes release an album. I don’t think there’s been a more anticipated album in the past couple of years. This album is an instant hit.  It’s perfect, with shades of the old vintage Strokes, mixed in with the weird experimental aspect of the band.  It’s a perfect mix of both the vintage and the strange and I fucking love it already.  Has Julien’s vocals ever been better? No is the answer. 

Favourite track: At The Door is still the strongest track on it for me. Which goes to show how good that is, considering it’s been out a while and played 100 times already. But it’s up there, perfect man. it’s like “Ask Me Anything” from First Impression of Earth’s Da. 

Album 2. The Velvet Underground – Self Titled

Why did it make the list? Like most music people. I float around finding new music all the time and don’t get too bogged down in nostalgia ie, “The new music is shite” brigade. Just because the classics are well, better. But this one has been getting played for a month straight now, every day. I love Lou Reeds vocals on it. Sounds like he’s singing right in front of you and I could swear he farts at one point on “Some Kind of Love” – I may just be going out of my mind though. Listen to it man, he definitely does.

Favourite Track: I’m Set Free this sort of album makes for great difficulty picking a favourite few minutes from it, as I always considered it a collective piece of work. I would suggest that to get the genius of it, you need to sit down and listen to it right through. But given we are all locked up. I’m Set Free gives me a wee ironic energy boost somehow.  RIP Lou.

Album 3. Daniel Romano’s Outfit: “Okay Wow” (LIVE)

Why did it make the list? Aye, this one is a live album. Not many people know of Daniel Romano I’d assume. He’s never had a hit single or album. One of those ones, if you know, you know.  He’s quite like a Bob Dylan goes Electric character. He started in a country band, playing pure Grand Ole Opry “Nudie Suit” tunes. Which was how I found him about 6 years ago. I’ve been a fan ever since and luckily got to have a beer with the man in New York a few years ago. This album is the “Goes Electric” vibe and just reinforces my belief that he should be lauded as a great among us. 

 Favourite Track: Strange Faces I love what he’s done to this song, it’s a total feel good, 70s Alex Chilton esque, Telecaster oot, guitar riff city and it’s flawless.  Probably my favourite. Great middle-8 jam too. Can’t beat that sort of thing in live music, and we’re at large starved of it in 2020.

Album 4. Sharon Van Etten – Remind Me Tomorrow.

Surely I’m not the only one thinking this is one of the best albums of the last decade. I’ve been a fan of Sharon Van Etten for a few years. When she went all Shakespears Sister / Patti Smith on us for this record, I knew it was going to be a statement album. It’s a bit like The Velvet Underground one. You need to listen to it straight through. It’s a trip man.  There is a few instant stand-out tracks after the first listen. “Comeback Kid” being the most accessible one. But aye, I’m still listening to this record a lot and really want to write some synth heavy music soon because of it. If I dye my hair black and start wearing leather, blame SVE.

Favourite Track: “You Shadow” this ones not that weird or “out there” compared to the other nine tracks on the record. But it speaks to man. The lyrics are sublime. The distorted synth that comes in and out makes it stand out. I’ve thought I blew my speakers when it comes on a few times, because I play it that loud. Definitely don’t die without listening to this album.

Album 5. Kurt Vile – Childish Prodigy 

Mind I was saying old albums, classics are better. Don’t consider that with Kurt Vile’s body of work. Without a doubt my favourite active artist. Top 10 of all time, no doubt. It’s hard to pick a highlight, I listen to all his albums pretty much in perpetual motion and owe everything I’ve written in the past few years to his music.  From inspiring me to tinker with weird tunings and genre blending and mostly just being comfortable with not being a singer and just trying to vibe out a vocal as opposed to only being allowed to blow minds with “talent.”

Favourite track: Freak Train innit. If I was to pick one tune to some up my love for mental music. This is it. Fucking wild if you think about it, great melody, guitar, lyrics and it’s thrown in yer face by a manic Kurt Vile. It’s beautiful. If you bury me to this, I’ll be grateful. Thanks in advance.



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