Meet The Bands: Forgetting The Future

WHO? Hailing from the Scottish town, Thurso, Robbie McNicol, Connor Wilson, Max Paul and Jamie Mackay all make up Forgetting The Future.

GENRE? Indie Rock

FOR FANS OF: Vansleep, Neck Deep and Catfish and The Bottlemen

THE MUSIC FILES FAVOURITE TRACK: 107 – This stripped back number is a lot more different to the band’s normally rockier style allowing fans to see a softer side to them. The track’s main focus is based on the persona’s indecisiveness in regards to a relationship… unaware if they should end it or see where things go. 107 is certainly a song I’m sure we’ve all been able to relate to at some point – that love or lust debate. The lyrics really stand out for me as well and instantly connect with the listener.

WHY WE’RE DIGGIN THEM? A Scottish indie rock band with a twist… their music explores a range of familiar themes including love, heartbreak and hopefulness that inevitably will grip listeners. Their style is different from your normal indie rock band which definitely makes them stand out from the crowd. They recently released their debut album, ‘Broken Phones and Hormones’ which not only emphasises their talent in songwriting but the quality of work the band produce!

THE MUSIC FILES FAVOURITE LYRICS: Bluetooth. ‘You’ll freak out and cry in your bedroom, I’ll put a song on that I can relate to’

CAREER AND GIG HIGHLIGHTS:We are Forgetting The Future a four piece Indie-Rock band from the most Northernly / rainiest part of the UK (Thurso) we have toured up and down Britain with some incredible achievements under our belt; including supporting Sam Fender in Inverness. We Recorded our very first EP with Sir Edwin Collins when we were just 15 years old which was an unreal experience, we were able to take a lot from it and are grateful still for the opportunity we were given. We have now been signed to Intime Records for the past year and have released our Debut Album titled “Broken Phones And Hormones” with LA Producer Ken Allardyce who has worked with the likes of Green Day, Fleetwood Mac etc. We released this album on all streaming platforms like Spotify, iTunes etc. and also released a massive bundle of Merch along with physicals of the Album! If we had to describe our music to someone who has never heard of us before we would describe it as “music you would get up and brush your teeth to before work, very bouncy, big energy and big-belt-your-lungs-out sing along choruses”.


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