Socially Distant Spins with Brownbear

From playing T in the Park, supporting The Libertines at Hyde Park and selling out their last King Tuts headliner, Ayrshire alternative indie outfit, Brownbear are high influences within the Scottish music scene. The band have been entertaining fans over the last month during lockdown through weekly Instagram live sessions and the release of their fresh new single , Retro. We caught up with frontman, Matt Hickman to discuss the top albums he’s had on repeat recently … read them below now!

Album 1: Stop Making Sense – Talking Heads

Why did it make the list? it’s one of the best live performances ever. Even to listen to although I suggest that it you can to watch it for the visuals. It is a master class on performing from the genius that is David Byrne. Plus, it’s nice to sit and dream about live concerts coming back again.

Key track– Life During Wartime

Album 2: London Calling – The Clash

Why did it make the list? This album has always been a staple for me, one I constantly go back to. It has such an amazing mix of punk, rock & reggae. You can hear the band really finding their feet as musicians. It’s amazing. There is a reason it’s a classic album. Freckfest Promotions recently did a “World Cup of Albums” which was a lot of fun. This album was rightly in the final.

Key Tracks– Guns of Brixton, Train in Vain (one of my all time favourite songs)

Album 3: Puzzle – Biffy Clyro

Why did it make the list? I started playing my electric during lockdown again for fun. Ended up playing along to this album and remembered how much I loved it. I remember being in my teens and feeing a bit like rock originality was dead. This was the most fresh sounding guitar based album I had heard in years. Plus they are from Ayrshire. That blew my mind. This is a great album from start to finish.

Key Songs: Living is a Problem (this was the song that sucked me in, what a great opening track).

Album 4: Graceland – Paul Simon

Why did it make the list? why not? It’s one of the best albums ever made. It’s 2 years since my first album came out and I used to listen to this on my drive to the studio!! It sounds that much better with the sun out as well.

Key tracks – Graceland & All around the world or the myth of fingerprints

Album 5: Transformer – Lou Reed

Why did it make the list? It was just so far ahead of its time. Produced by the David Bowie. I mean, it’s music history.

Key tracks – Perfect Day & Walk On The Wild Side





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