Single Review: Pale Fire – Husbands

By Chelsea Ness

Scottish alternative folk band, Pale Fire were one of the first bands I featured on The Music Files Blog at the start of the year. They’re a band that stood out to me from the get-go so you can imagine my excitement when the boys announced the release of their latest single, Husbands from their forthcoming album with the same name.

Instantly the track takes listeners on a journey with it’s captivating melodies and powerful vocals emphasising the broad Scottish accent that we all know and love. You only need to listen to the song for a few seconds to hear the unique style that Pale Fire grasp so well, separating them from ‘just another indie band’ stigma. Husbands is a prime example that after five years of the band being key players in the industry their style still remains fresh and exciting which I can guarantee you won’t have heard before.

Described as ‘the anxiety of influence’, Husbands is set within an isolated haunted hotel yet despite the sombre setting, the wide range of instruments that feature within the track create a happy, feel-good vibe leaving listeners feeling inspired. It would be an incredible experience to witness such a song being performed in an intimate live setting.

It’s not just the music that makes Husbands stand out but the poetic use of abnormal lyrics: ‘in a crow’s nest of worry, in a snake’s pit on money’. I mean to an extent the lyrics don’t really make complete sense but that’s the beauty of it – they allow listeners to come up with their own meaning behind it. That’s the power of music for you, it allows us to takes our own influences and ideas from the track leaving us with an impression of not only the song but with the band too. Lyrics are a huge thing for me when it comes to music and the more unique they are, the better!

Husbands which was only released yesterday gives listeners an insight of what’s to come from their upcoming album also titled, ‘Husbands’ and from the general reaction to the single already, it’s inevitable that the album will be a great hit with fans. We can’t wait to hear the rest of it!


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