Socially Distant Spins with Dictator

We caught up with Edinburgh based Indie rock band, Dictator to discuss top lockdown albums! The band have already made quite the name for themselves over the last year with their two incredible releases; Taped out and Anthem for a Doomed Youth and we can’t wait to see what else is in store for the band in the future – definite ones to watch!

Group Choice: Gorillaz – Gorillaz

Why did it make the list? This was the joint group choice. Everything Gorillaz represents was kind of the inspiration for starting Dictator. We love how the music doesn’t follow any rules, and refuses to conform to any genre. And the collaboration aspect is something we are really into as well, we’d really like to incorporate more collaboration into our music. It’s fun, it’s Punk and it has a little bit of everything to get you through isolation. 
Favourite track – Clint Eastwood – mostly for Del tha funkee Homosapien 

Zach’s Choice: Primal Scream – Screamadelica 

Why did it make the list? It’s one of those albums that keeps me on an even keel man. Helps me put everything in perspective. It’s relaxing but also makes you wanna get up and move, doesn’t matter if I’m in a big field or a dark room it always make me feel good. 

Favourite track – Come Together does what it says on the tin. I seen the scream recently in Princes Street gardens, I remember when they played this and it genuinely felt like a unifying moment, across different generations of people from all backgrounds all living in the same moment. Some gig. Every time I hear the song it brings me back to those moments, even in isolation it still feels like I’m standing in the pissing rain with my mates singing at the top of my voice.

Allan’s choice: Led Zeppelin  Led Zeppelin IV

Why did it make the list? Had a think about my own personal top 5 albums and over the course of an hour it changed so many times. But this one was in every single one! For me, Led Zep epitomise everything to do with rock n roll and this album is easily their best. It’s also arguably one of the greatest rock albums of all time. 

Favourite Track: With it being an 8 track album, you’d think that would make it easy picking a favourite track. Black Dog, Rock and Roll, Stairway to Heaven all belters. But my top pick has to be the last track in the album ‘When the Levee Breaks’. The opening drum beat is so iconic to me. John Bonham is my biggest influence, so much so, my sons middle name is Bonham haha!

Michael’s Choice: For me it’s obviously Kasabian – Kasabian 

Why did it make the list? This album pretty much had the biggest impact on me musically growing up, the way the album sows together from one song to the next with interludes and secret tracks just filled my head with loads of ideas when I heard it, to this day it’s something I think I’ve drawn inspiration from in pretty much every one of our tracks when writing. It’s also one of the very few albums I don’t skip at all whenever I listen through and it’s more than stood the test of time. Although every song could be a picked as a favourite in my eyes I’ve went for “U Boat” because the song perfectly rounds off the album with its sombre tone but just as you think you’re done you’re greeted with a little bit of silence and before you know it you’re into the Jacknife Lee remix of “Reason for Treason” and you’re pumped up again pretty much desperate to listen to it all again!

Favourite track : U Boat

Joe’s Choice -The Kinks – Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire)

Why did it make the list? Arthur creates an image and almost transports you back in time to working class Britain in the late 60s which is just as relevant for most people today. She’s bought a hat like Princess Marinas is a perfect example of Ray Davies use of upbeat melody’s with catchy vocal hooks to portray a poor woman’s struggle to get by in life, but when she wears her hat that resembles the same of a Princess, she doesn’t care about her worries and can take pride in the fact she may have no money, but if she looks like royalty… she feels like royalty.  A perfect example of making the most of what you’ve got and that’s how I like to live my life.
Favourite Track: She’s Bought a Hat Like Princess Marina



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