Single Review: Cody Feechan – Free Falling

By Jeanette Arsenault

When I saw the song title, I have to admit I thought “Uh oh.  There is already a famous song called “Free Falling” by Tom Petty – one of my faves to sing back in the day.  So….how are you, Cody Feechan, going to match up with your own *Free Falling*? 

Upon first listen, I thought “here comes a country song” but then she took me on a journey of appreciation for what a fine vocalist she is.  And what a great band she has to support her.

Described as “alt rock with a touch of pop” I would add “alt rock with a touch of pop country” which means I think it can crossover between pop & country.  Shania Twain – our Canadian country pop icon – was the Queen of crossover and it served her well as she went on to international stardom.

Being a huge fan of Tom Petty, no matter which genre this song settles in, I see it as a nod to Tom Petty’s iconic song of the same name.  Maybe with a touch of the Traveling Wilburys too.  Pretty good comparison for her to use as she checks off that “sounds like” box.

My first impression of Feechan’s *Free Falling* is “Wow!  The lass can sing plus it’s a really great song”.  And that continued to be my impression on every listen through after that.  Her voice is prominent in the mix – and rightfully so – with a really strong arrangement and tight band.  

She ranges from a quiet wistful singing voice to full on powerhouse vocals in the chorus.   I absolutely L O V E the chorus!  

“But I’m free……..” softly sung so beautifully with lots of musical space for her next line…

“Free Falling to my knees” where her voice soars as she knocks it out of the park.

Follow the chorus with a pretty piano part, some whispery vocals with a sprinkle of sparse harmonies then into…“Can’t walk away” bringing back her strong vocals into THAT glorious chorus filled with longing and yearning.  What exactly is she singing about with so much passion and urgency?

Feechan says:  “It’s a song that is quite personal to me for a few different reasons: for one it’s actually about addiction and tells the story of someone who is going through the experience of being an addict.”

I’m thinking this song will mean different things to different people and will most likely be one of those songs that many singers will want to add to their repertoire.  Especially because of the hooky chorus. Did I mention I love the chorus?

Including Feechan’s little change-up with a whispery chorus “ You made me freeeeeeeeeee/Free falling to my knees” – but not for long because she goes back to her signature powerhouse “You made me Free, Free Falling to my knees” with great harmonies, followed by a haunting & longing fabulous saxophone solo then down to simple vocals, acoustic guitar, piano and then it’s over.  Well, it’s only over till I hit play again.



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Published by Jeanette Arsenault

Jeanette Arsenault is a singer/songwriter/recording & performing artist/mentor/coach who is now pursuing her new passion for music journalism. She is also currently preparing the foundation for her new business to provide support, consulting and resources to musicians.

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