Socially Distant Spins with Jay Landman

Today’s Socially Distant Spins is brought to you by Pillar Artist’s very own Jay Landman. Pillar Artists specialises in artist management, concert romotions and agency bookings within the Newcastle music scene. Jay has organised a lot of incredible gigs over the years including Dancing on Tables, Red Rum Club and Spinn! He is also currently managing Cat Ryan, Fossway and Sarah Connelly – who are all doing wonders in the music scene right now. Have a read at Jay’s favourite lockdown albums below…

Album 1: “A Weapon Called The Word” by The Levellers

Favourite Song: “Carry Me”. 

Why did it make the list? It’s their debut album released in 1990. 4 years later they would go on to headline Glastonbury Festival, drawing in a record crowd of half-a-million, only broken some 20 years later; they’re the biggest band people haven’t heard of. The lyrics are particularly relevant – being Folk/Punk there’s a lot of truths about the state of politics.

Album 2: “Ouseburn” by Twist Helix

Favourite song: “Little Buildings”

Why did it make the list? The loveliest band in Newcastle that are also incredibly talented and fun (particularly at live shows). If a band from the North East is going to do well, it’s Twist Helix: I’d love to see them do well as they’re absolutely phenomenal: genuinely kind and talented – there are no egos and they write about themes other than love, for instance Little Buildings regards the closure of a beloved independent music venue. .

Album 3: “Hemispheres” by Rush

Favourite song: “The Trees”.

Why did it make the list? Featuring 4 songs (one of which is 18 minutes long) this is Progressive Rock at its finest. The musicianship of the trio is next-level; if anyone wants a masterclass on percussion, guitar or bass, then this is an album to listen to.

Album 4: “Rubber Soul” by The Beatles

Favourite song: “If I Needed Someone”

Why did it make the list? One of George Harrison’s greatest songs (If I Needed Someone) is on this album and is absolutely brilliant. The artwork was an accident too, involving the artwork projected onto blank album cut out – the person holding it tilted it accidentally at The Beatles liked the elongated effect. The album is often overlooked in favour of others.

Album 5: “My Love Is Cool” by Wolf Alice

Favourite Song: “Freazy”.

Why did it make the list? Wolf Alice are one of the most exciting ‘Alternative’ bands around. They constantly adapt and are different, but never try too hard to have that image or attitude – it’s genuine, rather than put on. Each song on the album is superb – I still prefer the EP version of “Bros” though, and the early EP’s are gems.



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