Behind the Music: Jamie Strachan – Leaving

Glaswegian singer songwriter, Jamie Strachan has been treating fans to weekly releases of his very own original tracks during the lockdown and we just can’t get enough of it. Although the last few months have been hard for individuals in the music industry due to the pandemic, it’s incredible to see musicians spending a lot of time on new tracks with Jamie being no exception. In this addition of Behind the Music, we will be looking closely at Jamie’s single ‘Leaving’ in more detail…

From the soft acoustics to the chilling lyrics, ‘Leaving’ captures the true emotion of losing someone you love and the grief that follows with it. Jamie’s lyrics really emphasis the pain and hurt that you go through when losing a loved-one creating a powerful but sorrowing effect. When speaking to Jamie about the influence behind the track, he explained: ‘Well, it’s been a hard few months within my family, we lost a very important family member in September and from then till when I started writing the song I had a lot of grief to let out, the meaning of Leaving was losing someone you love, ” Leaving, Am I dreaming? ” Is a line in the song that we all can relate to when dealing with grief it doesn’t feel real, just like a bad dream so it’s about losing someone you love dearly.’ The track express these emotions beautifully highlighting Jamie’s song-writing talents.

The soft melody within the song collides perfectly with Jamie’s broad Scottish accent creating an aesthetic feel. When speaking to Jamie about his musical style, he explained: ‘My music is quite lyrically deep, all the bands I love the most are bands that express themselves with the music they release and allows people to connect and feel similar to the artists who might pour there heart out in a song and the listener relates to it and I felt like this was the best way for me to get things out and it’s kinda helped me along the way of clearing my head when it got too much, so it’s sad songs but they are very real songs that I hope people will like and relate to. The influence was simply my way of opening up and instead of talking, I’ll sing instead.’ It is clear the the music, Jamie writes is about issues and experiences that mean something. Music can be so important when going though a tough time and songs like Leaving can really help listeners get through difficult life experiences.

The gentle guitar acoustics allow listeners to really connect with the lyrics adding more of a personal touch to the track. When speaking to Jamie about the origin of Leaving, he gave us more of an insight to the creative process behind the song: ‘It started with two different songs at the beginning, two songs going different ways but still meeting in the middle, both represented a similar meaning. I put a lot of myself in both, but after mending them together to become one the song became what it was meant to be, and Leaving was the outcome’.

Over the last few months, Jamie has treated us to many acoustic tracks but recently announced he would be performing future gigs with a band under the name, ‘Jamie Strachan and The Sensitive Souls’. This is a totally different direction from what we have heard from Jamie before yet it’s something I would love to see. I asked Jamie what made him decide to start a band and where did the inspiration come from the name come from: ‘I’ll still perform solo gigs here and there but it’s always been my preference to be in a band, so forming a backing band to bring the songs to life, the way I imagined the songs to go with a full sound so it was a no brainer to have the options and it’s a good mix of full band gigs and solo acoustic. The name of the band came from a song I’ve written called “Sensitive Souls” and it’s just about me being a sensitive bastard, it’s brutal but I can’t change that so that’s where the name came from.‘ We certainly can’t wait to the band in action in the future!

Leaving is just one of the many new tunes that Jamie is providing us with throughout the lockdown and we can’t wait to see what he has in store for us. Speaking to Jamie about what his hopes and aims for the band are when gigs return, he said, ‘The aim is to get rehearsing and work on the set of songs that I have ready, get a few gigs sorted and release a few singles and after that we will see where we go next. This is just the beginning of my music dream…’

You can find out more about Jamie Strachan and his music below…


Twitter: @Jamiestrachanss

Instagram: @jamiestrachanofficial

Listen to Jamie’s latest release ‘Fall of a Man’:

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