SINGLE REVIEW: Rachel Jack – The Hardest Part

By Alana Strange

Alternative pop singer Rachel Jack recently released her single ‘The Hardest Part’ just last month (April 20) , making this the 2nd single from her upcoming debut album ‘The Calgary Tapes’

You can tell there is a lot of emotion in ‘The Hardest Part’ it’s from the heart and certainly has a lot of meaning to singer songwriter, Rachel who mentioned to social media followers that this is her favourite from the upcoming EP and the best she’s wrote yet. Rachel’s vocals are strong and beautiful in this one. I caught up with Rachel to find out more about what the single means to her.

Rachel: “The hardest part is about how difficult it is to forgive and let go of a toxic experience. As the lyrics say, to not forgive is like drinking poison and hoping the other person dies. I was bitter for a long time and I always thought closure would come in the form of revenge. But it never did. Even now, I can’t speak openly about who or what the song is about and I never will. Writing the song aided the process of me forgiving that person. Not for their sake, but for mine so I could make my peace with the situation.”

There is certainly more on the way with Rachel planning to release a single from the EP on the 20th of each month. Plenty to look forward to and definitely one to watch.

Social media for Rachel Jack


Twitter: @Rachellojack

Instagram: @rachellojack

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