Single Review: Black Dove -Let You Down

By Chelsea Ness

After the incredible amount of new releases in April from the local talent, there’s no denying the Scottish music scene is up there with the best! Indie rock outfit, Black Dove’s latest release, ‘Let You Down’ is certainly a blog favourite and is a clear indicator of the high standard within the local scene. Hailing from Inverclyde, it’s great to see a band so close to my home-town creating high quality tracks that show off their musical talents.

The band treated fans to the release of their brand new single, ‘Let You Down’ last month which also included an acoustic B – side track titled, ‘Wherever You Are’.

‘Let You Down’ creates a classic blend of rapid drums, energetic guitar hooks and addictive lyrics reeling listeners in from the get-go. Think Catfish and The Bottlemen but with the band’s own unique style. It’s the type of tune that would go down exceptionally well in a live setting with it’s catchy riffs written to be played LOUD. I can already picture the pints of lager being launched as the crowd go wild…oh how i miss gigs.

The song, which was recorded in Glasgow’s famous 7 West Studios, conveys the idea of hurting someone who loves you unintentionally with the lyrics, ‘You’re better off one your own and now you say I’m a head fuck and I’m sorry if I let you down‘. It’s a song that people can relate to in different ways from either being the person that feels they have been let down by the one they love or being the person that isn’t 100% feeling the relationship and needs to end it. It’s a perfect image for modern day relationship problems and it’s those type of songs that explore the real issues that listeners will connect with the most! Black Dove do an incredible job of writing music that their fan base can associate with which is so important in the industry!

The second track, ‘Wherever You Are’ shows a softer side to Black Dove with it’s fresh acoustics highlighting the strong vocals. The stripped back version really shows a different style to the band’s normally rockier image again showing the variety of talent Black Dove have as a band. It’s the type of song that leaves you mesmerised and seeing it in a live setting would create an incredibly intimate atmosphere, leaving the entire audience totally engaged with the music.

Both tracks have entirely different styles yet both show the range of music, Black Dove can create. If I’m being completely honest, this release was my first discovery of the band but after listening to it they’re definitely a band that I’ll be making a point to go see play in the future and you should too!





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