Single Review: The Baltics – Carbon Theme Park

by Emily Duff

The debut single from local indie band, The Baltics, has finally been released. Perfectly blending Synth- Pop and Brit-Pop, the tune uses catchy melodies and distinct vocals to create the anthem to your next road trip – whenever that may next be.

With their main influences stemming from Oasis, the 1975 and the Rolling Stones, the tune is truly British. Although the musical side uses an interesting blend of modern and older riffs, the lyrics also have a deeper meaning. The tune is a discussion of the worsening climate issues, which seem to continually be ignored, through the perfect form of a protest song. Starting with a strong guitar, the vocals have a nonchalant feel – almost spoken word. This allows a listener to focus on the meaning The Baltics are trying to get across, giving emphasis on what is being said rather than purely focusing on the headbanging accompaniment. 

Lyricist, Shay Bagnall, commented “I was influenced by my love for the planet and have implemented timeless styles reminiscent of 90s ‘Cool Britannia’ while also adding our own The Baltics sound which included the use of synthesizers and a unique style of drumming”.

Recorded in Blast Studios, which have been used by the likes of Arctic Monkeys, the tune has been produced with the best sound quality as well as having input from highly experienced people. It can be found on Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer (for those of you still using BBM).





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Emily is a Journalist and PR Assistant from Newcastle who is currently studying English Literature at the University of Sheffield. She is also the owner and producer of her magazine, Darling, Lifestyle Editor for Forge Press and Marketing Lead for Liberty Belle Magazine.

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