The Music Files Top Tips for Bandcamp Fee Free Day

By Amy Rogers and Chelsea Ness

On March 20th Bandcamp announced to support artists struggling financially due to the impacts of covid 19 – they would have a day of fee free sales for any artist using the platform to sell their music – meaning anything sold 100% of the sale would go back to the artist. The platform have announced that today on May 1st they would do exactly the same – to help you wade through 1000s of amazing artists that use the platform we thought we (Amlo and Chelsea)  would highlight some of our top picks we recommend you should tuck yourself into. 

Echo Machine – Instant Transmissions CD – Amlo’s Pick

I adore Dundee’s Echo Machine after playing a gig with them as part of King Tuts Summer Nights in 2019 and after meeting all the boys at XPONorth – having them included on this list for me was inevitable. Released in early 2020 their debut LP “Instant Transmissions” is glistening alternative pop caked in glitter that screams to be the soundtrack of a 80s sci fi film . The LP , Produced by MixedbySaw who is based in a church in Galashiels ….. need I tell you anymore for you to fall in love with this record ? The whole LP is a thing of beauty! 

You can find the LP on Bandcamp here


FFO New Order , The Killers , Frankie Goes To Hollywood 

Amy Lou – Everything Up ‘Til Now (Chelsea’s Pick)

Well what can I say… I’ve been writing about bands and artists within the local scene for over a year now and if there’s one musician who continues to grace the industry with their incredible voice, meaningful lyrics and captivating melodies, it’s certainly Amy. Her songs are written from the heart and focus on the real matters in life that our generation can all relate to. Amy’s latest release on Bandcamp is a limited edition CD of all 4 singles which also includes a live acoustic version of “Addiction”. Each CD comes with a unique print of a special moment from Amy Lou history and a short physical zine featuring lyrics and photos from the history of each track – a must for all Amy Lou fans!


Stand out track: Tonic Wine

FFO Declan Mckenna, The 1975 and Orla Gartland

Lakyoto – Unreleased Bangers – Amlo’s Pick 

Again another class band I discovered during my trip to XPONorth in 2019 , Lakyoto – the Edinburgh four piece have re-released some of their self proclaimed ‘unreleased bangers’ to help us get through this weird old time we’re all experiencing. And bangers they 100% are! Much like their other works , the tracks are beautifully captivating wee packages of glistening electric pop! 

You can find the EP here


FFO The Weekend , DECO, Everything Everything 

False Friends – Dress Like A Tourist Digital Track (Chelsea’s Pick)

I only discovered Indie pop rock band, False Friends a few months ago but they’ve quickly become one of my favourite local bands! From emotional ballads to quirky feel-good vibes, the band creates the perfect variety for fans and their latest release, ‘Dress Like A Tourist’ is no exception. The single was released this month and already has over 7000 streams on Spotify – an incredible reaction! Be sure to grab your copy while you can!

You can find the digital track here

FFO Fatherson, Sundara Karma and Viola Beach

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