Socially Distant Spins with Chloë Coll

Tonight’s instalment of our ‘Socially Distant Daily Spins’ is brought to you by the lovely Chloë Coll. Chloe alongside Megan Denholm runs Denholm Promotions and HunnyBee Management whose roster includes Vansleep, Amy Lou and False Friends. Chloe has helped organise and promote a range of fantastic gigs including ‘Ones to Watch 2020’ at the start of the year.

Chloe is also an experienced sound engineer and has worked on a variety of different gigs at The Garage in Glasgow. Have a read below to find out her top 5 lockdown albums…

Album 1: Class by The LaFontaines 

Why did it make the list? Since first seeing these guys live back in 2016, I’ve never not been spinning this album or listening to tracks from it. The energy throughout just makes you want to dance and always puts me in the mood to be at a gig. Although I’m a big fan of their albums released after this, their debut album always takes me back to that first performance of theirs I saw. By far the hardest one to pick only a few standout tracks from. 

Favourite Tracks – ‘Slow Elvis’ and ‘King’

Album 2: Hozier by Hozier 

Why did it make the list? Hozier is one of my favourite artists and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of his debut album. The whole album is just beautiful and leaves me in awe of his songwriting and composition. I enjoy the recording techniques used for this one to create a more loose and live band feel to all the songs, reminiscent of another era of music than to when this album was actually released.
Favourite Tracks – ‘Someone New’ and ‘Sedated’

Album 3 : Rumours by Fleetwood Mac

Why did it make the list? A classic album that I’m sure will pop up in a few people’s isolation albums. Find myself sticking it on every couple of weeks, it’s definitely a no-skip album. Don’t see myself getting bored of this one any time soon.
Favourite Tracks – ‘Second Hand News’ and ‘Gold Dust Woman’

Album 4: The Ceiling by JAWS

Why did it make the list? I have listened to this album in its entirety too many times to count in the past couple months, I’m not quite sure what drags me into it. The whole album just makes me think of the early hours of the morning, in the summertime, at the end of a festival or after a gig – particularly the second song on the album ‘Feel’. Given how much I’ve been spinning it, I don’t think I could self-isolate without it currently. 
Favourite Tracks – ‘Please Be Kind’ and ‘Driving At Night’ 

Album 5: Isaac Gracie by Isaac Gracie 

Why did it make the list? This is an artist I came across a few years ago, and since seeing him live at Leeds Festival in 2018 I haven’t stopped listening to this album. His vocals and the changes between tracks are what draws me to it – there’s a particular contrast between my two favourite tracks on the album. The soft melancholic feel I get from the album perfectly soundtracks my isolation.
Favourite Tracks – ‘terrified’ and ‘the death of you & I’







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