Socially Distant Spins with Sam Hoy

Today, we catch up with Sam Hoy, founder of Hoy Fest, a Welsh promotions company that showcases the latest talent through festivals and monthly gigs. Previous bands that Sam has worked with include Judas, VANT, Redfaces and Pretty Vicious.

Sam is also the bass player for Cardiff based heavy indie-rock band, Bute. The band have made quite a name for themselves over the years with national radio appearances and supporting the likes of Himalayas, Sheafs and The Blinders. Bute has also played a variety of gigs including London, Paris, Glasgow and a hometown headliner in Cardiff. Have a read below to find out what albums are helping Sam through the lockdown…

Album 1: Youth & Young Manhood’ – Kings of Leon

Why did it make the list? The finest debut album around, 17 years old and still bangs. Every track is brilliant.
Top Tracks: ‘Trani’ / ‘Talihina Sky’ (Hidden Track)

Album 2: ‘Dogrel’ – Fontaines DC

Why did it make the list? An instant classic. One year old this week and I listen to it every day,
Top Tracks: ‘Sha Sha Sha’ / ‘Televison Screens’

Album 3: ‘Junk Food’ EP – Easy Life

Why did it make the list? Not technically an album, but I couldn’t leave it out. One of my favourite bands around right now
Top Tracks: ‘Sangria’ / ‘Nice Guys’

Album 4: ‘Currents’ – Tame Impala

Why did it make the list?
With all this sunny weather, I’ve been blaring this beautiful, hypnotic record.
Top Tracks – ‘Cause I’m A Man’

Album 5: ‘Infancy’ – The Ninth Wave

Why did it make the list?
seriously underrated band, and album. A really strong debut that secured the band an EU tour with Hayley Williams
Top Track: ‘This Broken Design’



Twitter: @HOYfest

Instagram: @Hoyfest



Twitter: @Buteweare

Instagram: @Buteweare

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