Indie-rock duo PYRO return with a bang with the release of their latest single ‘I’ll understand’. The two piece appear to have opted to go hard rather than go home with this new song, despite being stuck in their houses, which is nothing new for these guys. Perhaps one of my favourites of their tracks, ‘I’ll understand’ translates to me as a tale of trying to hold yourself together and keep your thoughts from taking over – something which is notably relatable in the current climate where many of us are stuck in our houses with our own thoughts.

The song starts of softly with Cameron’s guitar subtly and politely introducing you to the track before being joined in the first verse by Connor’s first vocal line ‘I’m a stranger to your touch’ which almost sets the tone for what is to come. This gentle introduction doesn’t last long, however, as the song begins a build with a sudden snap with the bass joining the rest of the ensemble and before long the track crescendo’s with the chorus hitting you hard in the face and the tone of the song changing to that of frustration. This is backed up with the first line of the chorus being ‘give me a break’.

That familiar gritty, loud and commanding sound we are used to hearing from the PYRO boys hits us hard upon the start of the first chorus. This is really PYRO’s selling point for me. They write these absolutely huge sounding choruses which translate well between the studio recording and the stage. The overlaid guitars and hard hitting drum beat create a perfect atmosphere for that grit in Connor’s vocal to fit in perfectly – something I’m blown away by considering Connor plays drums while he sings these parts live and it sounds just as good.

An immediate drop into the second verse and another build up starts but with a livelier feeling this time and we know the track is heading back towards another massive chorus. Along the way, a little nod to the duo’s last single ‘Tear Me Down’ didn’t go unnoticed by this writer! Correct as we were before, the chorus returns and hits hard once again however it is followed up by perhaps my favourite part of the track – the middle 8.

This section of the track is so simple yet so effective. Repetition of the word ‘down’ as the music builds and builds to the final chorus. Connors vocal here sounds so crisp and clear – the delivery here seems to be perfect. Just as you expect the track to hit straight back into the chorus at the crescendo, it drops down to just Connor’s vocal delivering the first line of the chorus before the track, ones again smacks you in the face as that full chorus sound returns to close out the song.

Writing this piece in a non-biased manner proved to be pretty difficult as I am in fact really good friends with the boys in PYRO and shared the stage with them on multiple occasions. I do have to say, however, that this track is a must listen and deserves a place in all your Spotify playlists.

Besides, no PYRO, no party.

You can listen to the boys track on all streaming platforms and be sure to check out the music video for ‘I’ll Understand’ too!

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