An Interview with Eliza Lee

This week, we caught up with Australian pop star, Eliza Lee to discuss the inspiration behind her debut single, ‘Boo’ which already has over 40k streams on Spotify, her musical influences and working with Grammy winner Philip White….

How would you describe your music to first-time listeners?

I would describe my sound as flirty experimental pop! I like to incorporate a lot of RnB and trap elements in my production as well, so I never feel restricted to just one genre.

Who were your musical influences growing up and what drew you to them?

I would listen to a lot of Taylor Swift, Frank Ocean, Coldplay, Charli XCX… Honestly so many artists and writers inspired me. Taylor Swift’s album “1989” made me fall in love with pop music at a young age. I’ve always related to her lyrics and she just knows how to write a killer hook. Charli XCX is still a big inspiration for me because she’s constantly pushing boundaries and experimenting with her sound.

You released your debut single, ‘Boo’ what was the inspiration behind the lyrics and was there a particular message/meaning that you wanted to represent throughout it?

Yes! When I wrote it in 2018, I was doing long distance with somebody I really cared about, so I basically wanted to capture that feeling of wishing you were closer to them. It happens to be very relatable now, as there are so many couples who are separated by quarantine. I know what it’s like so I really feel for them.

The track has already had 43k streams on Spotify – how does it feel to have people from all over the world listening to your music?

I haven’t really processed it yet! It’s exciting though, especially because I was very nervous, due to it being my first release. I can’t wait to release the next one and more after that!

You wrote the song with Grammy winner, Phillip White who has also worked with the likes of Snoop Dogg – what was it like working with him?

Oh he’s amazing. I learnt a lot working with his team, as I was 18 at the time and it was one of the first sessions I ever did in LA. We all took turns toplining over the track and it was cool to see the different melodies that came out of it. I love this way of working, as it pushes me to experiment more. Phillip is also a great vocal producer, so he made sure I brought my all when I was in the recording booth.

You are from Australia, how would you describe the music scene over there?

It’s exciting and growing quickly. I can’t wait to hear the new releases coming this year. I think for a while the Australian scene was somewhat narrow in terms of genre, but lately that’s started to open up a lot.

What local bands/musicians would you recommend us checking out?

There’s so many great ones! Wafia, Peking Duk, Mallrat, George Maple, G Flip, Amy Shark. I would start by checking them out.

Do you have a particular songwriting process? Is there a particular place you go to write or is it something that just comes naturally?

It’s something that’s always come naturally to me, but my process depends on my mood. I use voice memos a lot or write lyrics on my phone if I’m out and happen to think of an idea. If I’m not writing or collaborating in the studio, I often find myself making demos in my bedroom. The hook of the next song I’m releasing was actually written during a first date, so you never know when the inspiration will strike.

What advice would you give to bands/musicians just starting out?

It’s been said a million times but the best advice I’ve gotten is to make music that feels authentic to you. I’m still just starting but I’ve already experienced a lot of pressure from people in the business to sound or look a certain way. It will drain you very quickly if you don’t stay true to yourself.

What are your aims and ambitions as an artist when the lockdown is over?

Well I’m currently doing a lot of writing sessions over Zoom, so I’m hoping to be featured on a few upcoming tracks with other artists/producers. And obviously to start doing more live shows! Hopefully that won’t be too far away.



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