Socially Distant Spins with Tom Mcguire and The Brassholes

Today’s special guest is none other than Tom Mcguire from 8 piece modern / soul / funk band, Tom Mcguire and the Brassholes. The band have had an incredible year from the release of their latest project, ‘Caveman/Battle Weapons’ – a two part single release with ‘Caveman’ representing more towards heartbreak and ‘Battle Weapons’ focusing on a more feel-good high energy vibe to the sell out of their headlining show at Drygate which has recently been rescheduled to the 19th September.

Find out what albums, frontman Tom Mcguire has been listening to throughout the lockdown below now…

Album 1: Ry Cooder- Boomers Story

Why did it make the list? Ry Cooder is great “in the house” listening music. He is a low key guitar idol and certainly an inspiration to me. Super nice jaunty rootsy songs led with really distinctive finger style guitar and excellent arranging and band  backing. I’m playing a lot of finger style guitar in the house just now, because I just pick up the guitar wherever I’m sitting and don’t look for a pick, and I always rediscover a wealth of cool things that end up coming out. Ry is the boss of that world. 
Standout: The Dark End of the Street. 

Album 2: Jackson 5 – Destiny

Why did it make the list? I’ve been getting stuck into my vinyl collection while on lockdown, and this is one of the gems of that collection, bought for £1 in charity years ago, its a record that keeps giving. It’s chock full of bangers and results in spontaneous house dancing between my wife and I. Unreal classic, the album tracks are all sick. 
Standout: All night. 

Album 3: Meursault-  I Will Kill Again

Why did it make the list? Another from the vinyl collection. This is a Scottish band that my wife is a fan of and she got me into them. We have been smashing in loads of records whilst doing jigsaws and its nice to listen to a record that we can both share while we are stuck together making elaborate gingerbread trains and so on. This is In contrast to a lot of the music that I consume that we really can’t share, leading us to…

Album 3: Liturgy- H.A.Q.Q

Why did it make the list? The situation is giving us a chance to explore a lot of new music. This is a record that I discovered recently. It’s absolutely brutally unpleasant near unlistenable glitchy metal, interspersed with tracks of genuinely beautiful piano and ambience. Crushing. Horrible. Great. I look forward delving into this bands catalogue, obviously with headphones on. 
Standout: Hajj (precisely 6:15 onwards, I mean for fuck sake are you having a laugh?)

Album 4: Bill Withers- Just as I Am

Why did it make the list? Bill Withers was a classic who we obviously lost recently. A huge inspiration and general Dude. I’m using this time to try to get a lot of writing done, but I personally struggle with putting a lot of pressure on myself, panicking worrying that I’m too old for this folly and can’t afford to relax, even now. Bill started his career relatively late, and went on to write some absolutely vital yet beautifully simple songs. I’m trying to follow his lead where I can. 
Standout: Do it good.

Album 5: Cannonball Aderly: Mercy Mercy Mercy

Why did it make the list? This just happens to be the record that I’m listening to right now, and the title track is such a sweet sweet jam that I can’t help but include it here. The guy says some stuff at the start of the track that seems frightfully appropriate right now. Listen to it now. What are you waiting for?…
Standout track: Mercy Mercy Mercy


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