Meet the Bands: The Ritz

WHO? Keiran Murphy, Mylo Ainslie, Gregor Watson and Mark Dornan all make up East Kilbride four piece, The Ritz

GENRE? Indie Rock

FOR FANS OF: Retro Video Club, Baby Strange and The Snuts

THE MUSIC FILES FAVOURITE TRACK: ‘Bootlager’ – The rapid guitar riffs, addictive drum beats and edgy vocals all fuse together to create this incredible anthem. The impressive chorus just creates this incredible feel-good melody that will leave you stunned. As soon as I heard this track, I had to find out more about the band… they’ve just got this spark about them that could be the missing piece from the industry.

Photo Credit: Cameron Wilson. Instagram: @cameronwilson_

WHY ARE WE DIGGIN THEM?: You just need to listen to them to discover their professional style. Their songs are high on quality and there’s no doubt in my mind that The Ritz are going to be huge!!

THE MUSIC FILES FAVOURITE LYRICS:And he comes home at four in the morning, the sun comes out and the break is dawning, on his knees and now he’s calling – She don’t wanna to know’ (4am) Now I could be completely wrong about what the track is based on but it just reminds me of a few of my pals who’ve maybe been on too many benders over the weekend and their other halves not being too pleased about it! Whatever the influence, it’s a catchy tune that I’m sure we can all find elements that we relate to …

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: In November last year we brought out our Debut Single ‘Bootlager’ which got featured in Tenement TV’s New Music Radar article which was a massive surprise to us and also class feeling seeing the kind words they had said about the track! Our new single ‘Streetwise Convictions’ has been played on BBC Radio Nan Gáidheal which was really cool for us to even be noticed by the BBC. We also had an exclusive play of the single on Pulse Radio before it was released which was really exciting as well.Gregor Watson

Photo Credit: Cameron Wilson. Instagram: @cameronwilson_

GIG HIGHLIGHTS: ‘At the start of the year we were featured and played as part of King Tut’s New Years Revolution festival 2020 which was a class experience to be on the same bill as so many amazing Glasgow bands. Shortly after that we headlined The Priory’s ‘Club Sabbath’ night which was unreal for us, was a really fun gig to do and a huge one for us as a band. This is just the beginning and we’ve got huge ambitions to do so much more in the near future… ‘ Gregor Watson



Twitter: @TheRitzGLA

Instagram: @TheRitzGLA

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