Meet the Bands: Cellos

WHO? Durham based duo Niall Fenwick & Joe Teasdale first started Cellos with bass player, Jack Walker and drummer, Harry Mason joining the band later on.

GENRE? Indie Rock

FOR FANS OF: The Verve, Travis and Arctic Monkeys

THE MUSIC FILES FAVOURITE TRACK: ‘So Happy’ – When I first had Cellos on shuffle I came across this track and was instantly pulled in… there was just something so special about it the song that had a hold on me at first instance. The lyrics to the song are based on the persona falling in love and sharing all the good things about it – a song guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

WHY ARE WE DIGGIN THEM?: Their music is a blend of 90s/ 00s influence that when brought together really helps them stand out. Cellos’ lyrics are real, honest and funny. A fresh quirky sound that is much needed in the local scene.

Latest single, Wanderlust

THE MUSIC FILES FAVOURITE LYRICS: ‘My head’s spinning around at the speed of light, though I think I look good, I probably smell like shite so we won’t stand too close together’ Pinnacle

CAREER AND GIG HIGHLIGHTS: The band formed in June 2019 and since then have recruited bass player, Jack and drummer, Harry spending their time writing new music. Cellos released their debut EP, Sea or Sky in October 2019 which got a great response from fans! They also released two music videos for ‘Wanderlust’ and ‘So Happy’ which you can watch above!

The band played their gig together at Teesdale Sports and Social Club in December last year and had several gigs booked for this year however, given the current circumstances with the virus, the gigs have been delayed. However, we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us when the world returns to normality…




INSTAGRAM: @Cellosbanduk

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