Review: The Snuts Mixtape EP

The Snuts released their Mixtape EP just last month (Friday 13 March). The same day of release the band also treated fans to two performances at the King Tuts along with a signing. The demand for these were high with both performances selling out in minutes. The band have yet to release their debut album but what we have seen so far from The Snuts gives us a lot to look forward to with rescheduled tour dates in September and a future debut album. I’ve been listening to the EP a lot and have narrowed down my top 3 tracks below.

My top 3 from the Mixtape:

All Your Friends “Hopelessly underrated”. Released back in May 2019. Fifth track in on the EP. The bass line in this track is really sexy. Am I allowed to say that? Well I absolutely love it. It’s a pretty good track and I’m always turning this one up.

Don’t Forget it Punk The track oozes confidence with lines “A middle finger to your favourite band, f**k your band” and “A race car driver and I lead at the top” It’s fast and upbeat. If I had a treadmill I would probably blast this track and go for it but instead I’m listening to the this whilst eating a packet of crisps.

Boardwalk “Won’t you take me to the boardwalk” this track is probably my favourite from the EP. It is different from the other tracks that make you want to move, this just makes me want to sit back and really listen. It’s slow but beautiful and I think it is a pretty underrated track from the album.

That’s my top 3 from the album. I’ll leave you with this awesome lockdown cover of Hey, Ma by Bon Iver that the band covered a few weeks back.



TWITTER: @thesnuts

INSTAGRAM: @thesnuts

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