SINGLE REVIEW: Ranzas – Sunshine

By Lauryn Donnelly

Ranzas, the Ayrshire quartet are back with another belter of a tune – Sunshine! This is the summer tune of 2020 with the dreamy guitar riff and loud bouncy drum beat – this is a song that’s got to be played very loud on a sunny day in your back garden (lock-down, still, yass) with a beer in hand.

The song starts off with a fast drum beat and the dreamy guitar as a wee 15 second warm up for your ears, of course leaving you engrossed and wanting to hear more. Then the lyrics come in “If i had the money, I’d fuck off and fly away. Go to the places, where it hardly rains.” I don’t think you could get more of a relatable first verse, and that’s why i love it. Everyone, especially right now is desperate to get away, step on a plane and boost to the other-side of the world giving the current circumstances (but don’t leave yer house the now, Miss Corona n all that).

“Kick back, relax with no worries or cares. And everyday, there’s a hint of love in the air.” This is my favourite line in the song. With the backing of the instruments and the passion in Lyle’s voice while singing it makes you belt it out along with him. The drums picking up in the background along with the guitar and bass leading up to the amazing chorus, is something i cannot wait to see live – can just imagine everyone jumping about and me ending up with another drink stained polo-shirt, always worth it though!

In comes the vocals for the chorus “We belong in the sunshine baby.” Connor Adam the lead guitarist joins Lyle for vocals in the chorus, and of course it sounds class. Also Aiden Davidson from the band ‘The Shengies’, also from Ayrshire stepped in to do some backing vocals for the chorus. Aiden also played tambourine for Ranzas in their song ‘Favourite Song’. The drums in the chorus are my favourite, loud and bouncy and in your face.

As the song continutes, the dreamy beat continutes through-out. Getting to the verse “We can make it, if we just try. Instead of letting life pass us by.” Leading right into the chrorus again for another 30 seconds of madness.

As the chorus finishes, the band start to wind down for a guitar solo from Connor, with the backing of the drums and loud symbols its the perfect mix of all the instruments complimenting each other leading back up to one last belt of the chorus.

I love this song, definitely my go-to summer tune now. A very talented band that all melt together perfectly. Ranzas are playing Edinburgh at Sneaky Pete’s on the 11th of September and they are also playing Glasgow at The Garage Attic on the 19th of September. Get along and see them if you get the chance, one of my favourite live bands.

Picture by: D.Allan Media

You can find Ranzas on all platforms:

Twitter: @RanzasMusic

Facebook: Ranzas

Instagram: @ranzasmusic

‘Sunshine’ is available on all major streaming platforms.

Go and show Ranzas some love on their new tune and on their social media, and hope to see some of yous at one of their upcoming gigs! Big love and stay safe.

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