Single Review: DMA’S – The Glow

by Emily Duff

Sydney Indie trio, DMA’S are back at it again with new single, ‘The Glow’. Retaining their 90’s Manchester Rave influences, ‘The Glow’ provides a perfectly timed, chill out summer tune you want to sit and drink Hooch to.

With constant comparisons to British Classics Oasis and inspiration from New York’s Sonic Youth, lead singer, Tommy O’Dell, provides a soothing voice. Filled with passion and accompanied by two other tunes, ‘Life is a Game of Changing’ and ‘Silver’, the single is super catchy. A laid back guitar riff, head-banging drum beat and chilled lyrics like, “There’s nothing moving faster than the only thing you’ll know”. The message seems to be of giving up and accepting the inevitability of change rather than chasing something you can’t have.

With the greatly anticipated new album, also named ‘The Glow’, set to sit July 10th after coronavirus-related delays, these new singles keep teasing their fans. Tommy O’Dell’s Instagram of the release stated “Have been Buzzing to get this song to you all. And can’t wait to hear your beautiful voices singing it back to me whenever that may be”. So let’s all meet O’Dell’s request and get this tune on repeat so we have our solos nailed for when they finally get to tour again.

After their sold out UK tour last year, DMA’S were ready to hit the festivals again for 2020. Although there’s been a halt on those, they have still provided some funky summer anthems to enjoy the nice weather, albeit from our back gardens.





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Emily is a Journalist and PR Assistant from Newcastle who is currently studying English Literature at the University of Sheffield. She is also the owner and producer of her magazine, Darling, Lifestyle Editor for Forge Press and Marketing Lead for Liberty Belle Magazine.

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