Andria Piperni finds the sweetness of love on the soulful single “Coming Home to You”

By Gary Schwind

The love song is a tricky thing. It’s easy for a songwriter to overdo the sentiment and make a love song far too sweet for the listener. Not that the writer should necessarily care if the listener finds the sentiment too saccharine. Still, it’s a fine line for a songwriter writing a love song.

Andria Piperni is a singer-songwriter from Montreal, who wrote “Coming Home to You” after she and her boyfriend moved in together. Of the song, she said, “It’s incredible how your outlook can change when you’re waking up to love.

coming home 2

Immediately you can’t help but be smitten by her smooth and pretty vocals. She sings with soul over an easygoing slow-jam melody. Those smooth vocals lend such a sweetness to when she sings lyrics like, “Coming home to you feels like dancing under the moon.” In fact, it’s such a sweet song that you want to sing it together with someone who’s special to you.

The song is just less than four minutes long, but in that time Piperni shows her considerable talent as a vocalist. She also shows – no matter how jaded you might be – that sometimes there is nothing quite as earnest as expressing your love in a song. “Coming Home to You” was released on April 17 and is available on streaming services now. Check it out here.

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