Spotify Playlists: Myrren Porter’s Song Recommendations

As we prepare for further lockdown procedures for the forthcoming weeks, The Music Files have you
covered. This week’s playlist is the perfect excuse to kick back in your garden with your favourite
tipple and chill out in the sun.

The playlist consists of numerous songs that will allow you to find some inner peace while the
country faces uncharted territory ahead. Below I have selected three of my favourite tracks within
the playlist and included reasons as to why they are a perfect fit for this zen playlist:

Diamonds in the Mud by Gerry Cinnamon
Featuring on his Erratic Cinematic album, which was released last year, this track is the ideal
song to listen to when having a few beers with your pals (via Zoom or Houseparty) at the
weekend. I selected this song for the playlist due to the guitar solos which feature heavily
throughout the track and Cinnamons strong Scottish vocals which sing about the lifestyles of
many across the city I love.

Candy by Paolo Nutini
Sticking to the theme of talented Scottish artists, I selected this track as it is such a peaceful
and emotive song that reminds me of summer and straw hats. Paolo Nutini is known for his
beautiful lyrics and musical talents, allowing this song to be a perfect fit for this playlist. I
also picked the song just because I miss Paolo Nutini, and I’m hopeful to see him perform
again very soon.

Back Down South by Kings of Leon
If this song doesn’t scream summer to you then I’m not sure what will. Released in 2010 as
part of their Come Around Sundown album, this track is perfect for lounging around in the
sun and makes it a perfect contender for this playlist. The song features on an album with
tracks such as ‘Pyro’ and ‘No Money’ but ‘Back Down South’ is by far the most chilled out
number on the album.

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