Socially Distant Spins with Kohla

Today’s guest is none other than Alternative RnB Queen, Kohla. The Edinburgh based singer songwriter/ producer has had an incredible start to the year already with her latest E.P release, Flux receiving a phenomenal response and also being part of the first Scottish International Women’s Day Songwriting Camp run by Be Charlotte. Have a read below to find out what albums Kohla couldn’t self-isolate without…

Album 1: SZA – Ctrl

Why did it make the list? My favourite element of SZA’s music is her lyrics – she’s so honest and at times quite cut throat with her personal life. Ctrl is a record I’ve listened to on a daily rotation for the past two years.

my favourite tracks off the record are The Weekend, Pretty Little Birds and Love Galore. The Weekend samples a Justin Timberlake track which gives it this underlying, nostalgic 2000s vibe…

Album 2: Justin Timberlake – Future Sex / Love Sounds

Why did it make the list? This was one of my favourite albums of the 2000s, I think I just love Timbaland’s production (side note: also how amazing was 2009’s Carry Out).

Favourite Track: The centrepiece of the album is ‘What Comes Around’, its so luscious and hypnotic and completely my jam; I’m a sucker for a hip hop beat with strings and sitars.

Album 3: Lolo Zouai – High Highs to Low Lows

Why did it make the list? This is Lolo’s debut album that she only put out last year, I found her on instagram around the time it came out. Literally every track off the album is amazing, she writes in a sassy Lana Del Rey-type persona

Favourite Tracks: Caffeine and Ride.

Album 4: Chlobocop – Lil’ Red Ridin’ from the Hood

Why did it make the list? I think its crazy how Chlobocop is just a girl my age from Glasgow and she’s literally made some of my favourite music I’ve ever heard in my life. I love the contemporary production combined with her trademark sultry delivery.

Favourite tracks: Bed Time and Virgo.

Album 5: Solange – A Seat at the Table

Why did it make the list? I mean I think this album speaks for itself.

Favourite Tracks: Mad, Cranes in the Sky, F.U.B.U., Don’t Touch My Hair.





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