Song Review: Krosst Out – Funerals

This is my first song review in the Hip Hop/Rap/EDM world and my introduction is the music of Canadian-born Alternative Hip Hop Artist Krosst Out who got his start in Campbellford, which is not far from where I live and is known for nurturing musical talent.  

But last time I checked, that small town is not exactly a hotbed for Hip Hop or Rap or EDM music.  So it didn’t surprise me to read that he now lives in “The Six” as Drake calls Toronto Canada where he just released his new single, *Funerals*.  

Full disclosure: I don’t normally listen to Rap (haha spell check on my computer wrote “wrap” LOL) or Hip Hop or EDM so you are not going to hear an expert opinion from me on instrumentation, drums, synths or anything about the technical side.

But I am an expert in knowing what I like – and knowing talent when I hear it.  Krosst Out is an artist with chops.  His lyrics, his delivery, the performance, the production together with the gorgeously shot video is “dope” as they say.  

I hope he won’t hate me for saying this but….Justin Bieber was discovered on YouTube and I could not help but think that Krosst Out could be another Canadian superstar waiting to be discovered.  He is THAT good.  If I knew more about the Hip Hop/Rap/EDM world, then I could give him a more compatible comparison in his genre.  

I have listened to Rap and Hip Hop enough to be truly impressed with the songwriters’ abilities.  I am a songwriter myself and I marvel at the ingenious rhymes and bold near-rhymes that they somehow seem to make work.  Words that I would never even think of putting together work in the hands of a master wordsmith in that music genre.

Krosst Out is no exception.  He seamlessly worked in the word “beautiful” with “funeral” – who would ever put those two words together?  Yet it makes sense in a song about growing up in a small town, moving to the big city and being “not that kid that you used to know”.

Much respect to writers like Krosst Out who end up writing twice/triple/quadruple the amount of lyrics in a 3 minute song than most songwriters in other genres – plus he can speak/sing twice as fast, too!  

Never mind remembering all the lyrics – that is a marathon in itself compared to the amount of lyrics that most performers have to memorize.  

I love his description of his music and where his name came from:  “Where hip hop krosses punk. Where introspective writing crosses party anthems.  Where a small town upbringing crosses big city ambitions.  Where the work so far crosses the work still to come.”

I love his style, his talent and his music. I am definitely putting him on my playlist and on my list of Canadian artists to watch.







Published by Jeanette Arsenault

Jeanette Arsenault is a singer/songwriter/recording & performing artist/mentor/coach who is now pursuing her new passion for music journalism. She is also currently preparing the foundation for her new business to provide support, consulting and resources to musicians.

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