Single Review: Henry Jamison – I Forget Myself Ft Darlingside

by Chelsea Ness

It’s funny how you come across certain songs that just automatically pull you in – be it the lyrics, the melody or the meaning behind the it. Whatever it is just flicks an internal switch inside that musicial part of your brain and the rest is history. It doesn’t happen often for me where I fully connect with a song at first instance but the first time I heard ‘I Forget Myself’ by Henry Jamison Ft Darlingside I was instantly left in awe.

‘I Forget Myself’ blends the soft but meaningful vocals of Henry Jamison accompanied with the gentle acoustics of the guitar, alongside Darlingside’s angelic harmonies creating a peaceful aura throughout. Think Ben Howard meets James Vincent McMorrow. That beautiful tranquil of sounds that mix together blissfully taking you away to that happy place. It’s the type of song that lets you block out the world for a bit: headphones on, full blast and escape.

The track itself relates to the aftermath of a break-up – that self-reflection period where you sit and question every little thing that went on during the relationship. The song reflects back to the beginning: ‘We fell in love, an unlikely pair .. I can’t remember now I forget myself’ suggests the persona is trying to remember the good times in order to take some accountability for the couple splitting up.

Going through a break-up can be one of the most mentally-challenging experiences and ‘I Forget Myself’ captures this incredibly well. Even the title and lyrics ‘I Forget Myself’ suggests the persona has lost his identity which creates this heartbreaking but true likeness of a break-up. Henry actually wrote the song based on an ex relationship not knowing that twelve months later they would be back together. I think this is one of the many reasons why I instantly adored the track not only does it relate to a real live experience but there’s also a happy ending that follows.

The track is the latest single from American singer songwriter Henry Jamison’s forthcoming EP, ‘Tourism’ which is due to be released on the 15th May.





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