Meet The Bands: Francis of Delirium

WHO? Luxembourg based band, Francis of Delirium is made up of Canadian singer Jana Bahrich, American drummer/ producer, Chris Hewett and the most recent addition of Jeff Hennico on the bass.

GENRE? Grunge / DIY / Home-made Rock

FOR FANS OF: Alanis Morissette, Carly Simon and Pavement

THE MUSIC FILES FAVOURITE TRACK: Their latest release, ‘Circles’ quickly became one of our favourites with Jana’s powerful vocals colliding alongside the soft calming guitar and gentle drum beats. It’s a song that will automatically leave listeners in awe.

WHY ARE WE DIGGIN THEM? Frances of Delirium bring a fresh distinctive sound to the scene that we definitely haven’t heard before. Eccentric yet soothing all of at the same time. Jana has a beautiful natural voice that blends perfectly with the talents of Chris and Jeff.

THE MUSIC FILES FAVOURITE LYRICS: ‘So give me purpose, I’m not for this, If I’m happy then I’ll allow it but I’ve stop searching, I’m not looking cause when you’re trying you’ll never find it.’ (Quit Fucking Around)

CAREER AND GIG HIGHLIGHTS: ‘My personal Francis of Delirium highlight was opening Instagram and having a DM from Bob Boilen, still feels wild. Then for gig, would be that we opened for Common Holly in January. Felt like such a privilege to open for them, to play a show and then get to listen to music that is so genuinely moving and they were so tight!! was really inspiring to listen and get to share that space with them (Chris also agrees heavily with this). Chris also wanted to mention that a highlight for him was that playing our first gig together we won best live performance at a festival that supports young artists in Luxembourg.’ (JANA)

WHAT’S NEXT? The band are due to release their debut EP ‘All Change’ on the 22nd May. The name is influenced by the announcement train operators declare when they return to their original destination, its title imagines the sense of hope lifting in their stomach as they prepare to get off and start again. 



TWITTER: @Frantowndeli

INSTAGRAM: @francisofdelirium

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