An Interview with The Recreation

This week, we caught up with Manchester’s own Indie rock band, The Recreation in which we chat all things music including the Manchester music scene, the influence behind their latest single, Do You Want Me and why Glasgow is one of their favourite cities to play! Have a read below now…

How did the band start and what was the inspiration behind the name? This is the least interesting answer you could ever get so im not gonna waste time on it. school and absolutely no inspiration behind the name, but we’re in to deep to change it now…

You guys are based in Oldham, Manchester – how would you describe the current Manchester music scene and what local bands would you recommend?   I’d say it’s as healthy as it’s ever been, we love loads of bands out around us, i’ll stick to oldham as the list for manchester is endless. Twisted Wheel have risen from the ashes and are sounding better than ever, i love their new record they’ve just put out, ‘Wrong Side Of The Road’ is a standout if you wanna check it out. They were a band i listened to as a kid and Harry and Ben who are now in the lineup were in a band from round our way called ‘Shadow Palace’ so it’s inspiring to see them playing such big stages. A hotly tipped Manchester band called ‘Mealtime’ have just put out a single called ‘Rain Like This’ which is an unreal tune well worth checking out, George went to school with Will the drummer. Also Dirty Laces and Callow Youth smashing it and thats just from our small catchment area, so i’d say that proves the state of the scene to be quite vibrant.

Your latest single, ‘Do You Want Me’ was released last month, what was the creative process behind writing it and was there a particular message / meaning that the song represents? Like most of the tunes it was written in us gaff with an acoustic guitar, the kickstart of the proccess is usually the germ idea of a melody, once i get a solid melody the tune has already written itself from there it’s just switching off and allowing whatevers on your mind to become the subject matter, then recording 20 verses of that into my phone and piecing together the condensed version. This one has more heart in it than most the others i feel, and that came from a guy i met in the pub the night before, someone was playing i think it was a James Brown song i can’t remember which and this guy had his arm round me screaming – virtually in tears – how this was a great song because he just felt it , he had the soul in him. Next thing you know this guys on his knees and i’m thinking i’ve gotta write a tune that makes someone do that. The song has been labelled ‘an open arms call to romance’ before , which i like, and it is in parts, but at it’s core it’s about in-balance in love and that feeling that one is always yearning for the other more, it’s more of a story than a proposal, about being the person who isn’t as interested and once it’s over finding yourself on the flip side for someone else.

You’re playing in Glasgow on the 16th October, what can fans expect from the show? Total carnage, Glasgow gigs are always the best period, but coming out the other side of this pandemic how raring to go everyone will be, don’t even want to think about it cos it’s getting me too excited to say I’m sat at home for the foreseeable future.

What’s been the craziest thing to happen to you guys on stage? Fallen over a few times, knocked over a few speakers whilst on some mad missions, flashed a bit of bum for the mums from time to time. nothing too mad.

What’s been the most memorable gig for you so far and why? I’m not just saying this because you’re a local press, but Glasgow everytime is just different gravy. Alice from Timeless Music is one of the best promoters about and she always makes sure it’s a great show… and of course, the beautiful people of the city – and our beautiful travelling entourage.

What advice would you give to musicians / bands who have just started out in the industry? I’m in no place to be giving advice, could do with some myself. But something i think rings true at all levels, and all walks of life really. Anything you do, make sure you’re doing it for the pure reasons, the sheer love and enjoyment it gives you. if you’re in it for the girls and the fast cars it just ain’t gonna happen.

What are the bands aims and ambitions for the next year when the world eventually returns back to normality? As always, rock stardom. but it’s different now because we’re not just rehearsing to play band nights in town, we get to make music we thoroughly enjoy making, due to all the wonderful people at Eve Studios – our producer and good friend Martin King is amazing for us  and gives us what we’ve always wanted, seeing our tunes we’ve knocked up in a rehearsal space in Oldham, become worked on, well produced, impressive pieces of art. Touring the country as well is stuff we dreamed of, so rather than constantly having our head in the clouds we are living every minute of it, our legend of a manager Budgie has all the plans , and we’re just allowed to do what we love, making the music and playing it to beautiful people..





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