Single Review: The Tonalities – Chances

by Chelsea Ness

Alt-rock five piece, The Tonalities are the fresh new band on the scene and after listening to their debut single, ‘Chances’, this is certainly a band that will leave an impression on you from the start!

‘Chances’ bursts straight into a bold solid drum beat alongside the edgy chords of an infectious electric guitar creating the perfect build up for lead singer, Charlie Thompson to enter with her strikingly stunning vocals. Her unique voice alongside the sharp primal guitar riffs inevitably pulls listeners in to discover the wild and wonderful style that is The Tonalities.

They create this punk rock image with a modern day twist that only certain bands can pull off. Think Spyres meets The Pretty Reckless. The sort of band that could perform a nursery rhyme and still look cool as fuck. It’s the sort of song that was written for a live setting… I can picture it now…. flying pints and mosh pits… the type of gigs we all know and love! I mean this is just the start … if this is just their debut single, can you even imagine what else the Sunderland five piece have in store for us?!

It’s not just their music that reels fans in to the track but also their lyrics: ‘Life is full of broken promises so don’t break yourself down in two.’ I think we as a generation can be too hard on ourselves at times and those lyrics are a reminder that yeah life isn’t perfect but we shouldn’t blame ourselves every time something goes wrong. ‘Chances’, the title of the track suggests just that – take those chances that come to you and try not to dwell too much if it doesn’t go to plan… that whole ‘Que Sera’ outlook on life comes to mind suggesting a positive message throughout the song.

Just as the track is about to conclude, the band treat us to an incredible 30 second instrumental really highlighting the music in great detail, expressing just how much talent and ability each band member have. I’m going to be honest, I actually hadn’t heard of the band before they released, ‘Chances’ but after hearing the song, I was instantly a fan. The Tonalities show a lot potential within the music scene and I’m excited to see what’s next for them!



TWITTER: @TTonalities

INSTA: @Thetonalities

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