An Interview with Zuzu

From supporting Courteeners on their UK Stadium tour alongside Gerry Cinnamon, releasing her latest EP, ‘How It Feels’ and headlining her own shows across the country, Liverpool’s very own Zuzu is doing wonders in the music scene at the moment!

We had the pleasure of catching up with her to find out more about the influences behind her music, touring with Courteeners and what local Liverpool bands / musicians she recommends. Have a read below now…

At what age, did you discover your love for music? I can’t even remember an age that I discovered my love for music because I feel like it’s always been there. I started writing stupid little songs when I was 7 and learned to play guitar around 11.

You supported Courteeners on their UK tour in 2018, how did it feel to support one of the biggest bands in the country? It was wild!! I learned so so much on that tour about how to handle a crowd. I honestly think it changed me in a way, for the better of course. I look up to the Courteeners and Gerry a lot and I was trying to absorb as much as I could from watching them play every night. Super inspiring to watch arenas full of people screaming their songs back at them.

Is there a particular date that stood out for you and why? Liverpool was next level, obviously it’s my hometown so the reception and crown were the best on tour for me, plus I’ve seen so many acts at the Echo arena so to play it was surreal.

You’ve just released your latest EP, ‘How It Feels’ at the start of the month – what’s your favourite song from the EP and why? Probably Skin and bone, I wouldn’t have said that 6 months ago because I was scared to put it out!

My favourite song from the EP is ‘Skin and Bones’ – I read that you wrote it when you were only 14 – how incredible! what is the influence behind it? AH thank you! Skin and bone is about domestic abuse, kind of through the lens of a teenager. Like you mentioned I wrote it when I was 14 and going through some stuff. I couldn’t sleep and when I did i was having night terrors. Proper felt like I was going mad. Dark stuff but that time in my life is over and putting it put helped me connect with stranger sand even friends that I had no idea had been through similar experiences.  

You played in Glasgow last month, at The Poetry Club – how would you describe a Scottish crowd? GLASGOOOOOOW! I love it. Genuinely one of my favourite cities in the world. I would describe a Scottish crowd as.. Warm, bouncing and the best singer alongers in the whole wide world!

You’re a great role-model for women in the music industry – what advice would you give to females just starting out in the music scene? Well that’s kind of you haha. I’d say just be your truest self, don’t try and be what someone else wants. Find the thing that sets you apart and refine it and above everything believe in yourself!! (I struggled with all of the above in the beginning!)

You are originally from Liverpool, what Liverpool bands would you recommend us checking out? LOOOOOADS!!! What I love most about Liverpool music scene is that it’s actually really diverse. If you dig a little deeper there is loads of boss artists of all genres as well as the bands so here’s some of both..

     The Mysterines – proper belter band from the Wirral, I love them personally but they make killer tunes too. 

     Munkey Junkey – Super underrated, boss tunes and unreal live. For fans of Post Malone, Mac Miller, Frank Ocean 

     Callum Crighton – The funnest music you’ll ever experience. He’s an 80’s kind living amongst us in 2020, you have to check him out.

      Amber Jay – Such a beautiful voice and the sweetest girl in existence. Her music is dark af though. Her new unreleased stuff is one of the most original  sounds I have heard in ages. Keep your eye out for her!

 You recently played a half an hour set for King Tuts 24 hour Sofathon, are you planning on doing any more live performances via streams during the lockdown? I did a bunch of livestream last week around the E.P coming out so have given it a rest for a bit. Gonna do some more stuff next week though!

 Lastly, when we all return back to some normality after the lockdown is finished – what are your plans? Play loads of gigs!!! I wanna release new music too, I’ve been writing a lot in self-isolation!





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