Single Review: Plastic Glass – Let Me Know

By Chelsea Ness

I’ve been a fan of Sunderland’s indie rock four piece, Plastic Glass ever since I heard their debut EP, ‘Broken Town’ which has already received thousands of streams despite only be released a few months ago. Four individual solid tracks that creates a blend of the band’s fresh talent, relatable lyrics and addictive melodies hooking listeners in instantly and their latest release, ‘Let Me Know’ is certainly no exception!

The track grips listeners immediately with it’s bouncy, quirky bass line and punchy drum beats automatically releasing feel-good summer vibes. This is a more radiant side from the band that I have heard previously suggesting they are experimenting with new styles. I love this because it highlights the variety of genres Plastic Glass can adapt to and gives the band a more exciting grasp in the music industry with their range of unique sounds.

Photo Credit: Ricky Atterby

It’s evident that Plastic Glass have a talent for songwriting and in particular are professionals at using real-life themes within their music. People connect with a song straight away if they can relate to it and ‘Let Me Know’ is certainly a song that highlights themes I’m sure we’ve all experienced. The chorus, ‘Cause I wanna know why you’ve got to go, if you’re going to leave just let me know’ expresses the frustration of being led-on by someone. It’s the constant over-thinking of not knowing what is going on and how that other person really feels – a great insight to modern day ‘relationships’.

‘Let Me Know’ is definitely a track that you’ll be adding to your playlist with it’s feel good vibes taking you straight to your ‘happy place’ that we need in our lives during this crazy time! I sadly missed Plastic Glass last time they were in Glasgow but once this is all over and the world returns back to normality, I can’t wait to see what else the band bring to the scene. Without a doubt, key players in the industry that are just going to keep getting bigger and bigger!

If you haven’t listened to them yet then what you waiting for?!





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