Our Photographer’s Music Recommendations: Top 20

This week, our photographers, Kayleigh and Lorna give you their top 20 recommended songs and explain why certain tracks made it to the list…

By Kayleigh Bissett and Lorna Goldsmith

Here we have our top 20 picks of our photographers choice playlist. Featuring some of the artists we have both taken photos for and others where we could only dream about capturing their sets.

Find out why we picked certain songs for the playlist below…

  1. Acid Weather by Vansleep

We have taken photos of these boys on several occasions and were part of the team that filmed the live session video of this song for Denholm Promotions. On many occasions we have watched our own video footage of the live sessions just to hear the song. We are so excited that this song is out so we can finally save it to our playlist. 

Live session:

  1. Careless by False Friends 

This song will definitely bring a tear to your eye. ‘Careless’ was released as part of their most recent EP ‘A Great Day for the Parish’ which you should also check out after listening to our playlist.  This song will have you getting the lighters out for an emotional night. Keep an eye out for their new single Dress Like a Tourist which will be released on the 20th of April.

  1. Tonic Wine by Amy Lou 

This LGBT anthem was released last month by Amy Lou. We recently joined Amy on their Awfy Intimate Tour around Scotland capturing their set. At the pinnacle of this song  “Here’s to the gay kids” rings out as Amy belts some spoken word that is definitely going to hit you hard but, only ten times harder when you go to an Amy Lou gig. This is definitely a song you want to play loud. We cannot wait to work with Amy on her future projects after this is over.

  1. Wine by Kendama

This upbeat electronic number is undoubtedly one to get you jumping and singing along . These boys are amazing live and without a doubt have a bright future ahead with their Twenty One Pilots  style energy on stage. The boys provide a mass amount of talent and energy in their tunes and stage presence. We are excited to see what Kendama will bring in the future.

  1. SHY by Chris Greig & The Merchants

Their first single since debut EP Lipstick and again the boys have hit it off. With a good sing along it’s hard not to be hooked to their tracks. Chris Greig and his merchants provide an amazing live show presence which always provides great photo opportunities when capturing their set. I cannot wait to see what these merchants get up to in the future.

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