Album Review: The Strokes – The New Abnormal

By Alana Strange

The Strokes made their comeback, releasing their sixth album ‘The New Abnormal’ on Good Friday and in the middle of a pandemic. Iconic. We had a little taste of the album back in February with the two singles ‘At the door‘ and ‘Bad Decisions’ and the latest to be released as a single from the album is ‘Brooklyn Bridge to Chorus’ making it the 3rd single from the album just released last week.

I had been looking forward to the new album from The Strokes as soon as I heard ‘Bad Decisions’ and wanted more. The opener on the album ‘The Adults Are Talking’ is a strong opener and I could tell right away, that I was listening to The Strokes. There has been some criticism from fans on this one with many preferring the live version on YouTube that was posted back in October 2019 last year. I have to say I’m choosing the studio version on this one. Have a listen. Studio version or live version?

The tracks that stand out for me from ‘The New Abnormal’ :

The second track from the album Selfless, Julian’s vocals starting soft in this one with some high notes going in, I quite like the lyrics in this “Life is too short, but I will wait for you” it’s sweet and wouldn’t we love it if someone wrote lyrics like that for us.

Eternal Summer is definitely my winner from the album and I’ve seen a few comments that it’s the best from The Strokes yet. I’m undecided but it’s certainly going on the summer playlist and has me looking forward to the summer.

Brooklyn Bridge to Chorus third track in and also third single from the album. I find this track very upbeat, Julian also gives reference to his ex wife Juliet Joslin with the lyrics “Juliet I adore” bringing a deeper meaning to the single.

Overall I’m rating ‘The New Abnormal’ four stars out of five / there’s a little Arctic Monkeys reference for you there. I’ll leave you with my favourite..enjoy!

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