Single Review: Leaving Bordeaux – Adrenaline

By Chelsea Ness

Glaswegian indie rock band, Leaving Bordeaux were one of the first bands I discovered when starting up The Music Files and after listening to their debut single, ‘Caught Out Cold’ for the first time I knew straight away that they would be a band attracting a large fan base in no time at all. ‘Caught Out Cold’ certainly created an exciting hype for the listeners after the initial release, I mean how many bands sell out their first headliner set after only releasing one single?! Now the five piece are back at it again, with the release of their second single, ‘Adrenaline’. The track proves the band not only have a unique quality in songwriting but have fully developed the band’s image and style.

Adrenaline’ instantly oozes listeners right in at first instance with a raucous blend of heavy guitar riffs rapidly descending into the catchy rhythmic guitar hook that we hear throughout the song. Add that riff with the addictive drum beats and front-man, Jamie’s powerful vocals and you have an enthralling rock song that will automatically leave you wanting more, I know it certainly has for me.

The catchy bass line creates an addictive feel for fans and with the track only lasting two and a half minutes, before you know it, you’ve had the song playing on repeat around 7/8 times! It’s rare that I listen to a song for the first time and automatically feel it, it can take me weeks sometimes even months before I finally connect with a song yet ‘Adrenaline’ had me instantly drawn in within the first few seconds. That’s the type band that stands out for me. It can take a lot for a song to really have that unique feature that separates them from just another indie rock band yet Leaving Bordeaux do this exceptionally well.

Photo Credit: Tamsyn McKenzie

The lyrics to Adrenaline are also really intriguing: ‘I’m craving excitement can’t you see, blame it on my appetite, you’re little secret is safe with me -you’re my adrenaline.’ For me, it describes the type of thrill you get when you first catch feelings for someone.. .the excitement of that ‘getting to know each other’ stage and the adrenaline that flows through you! This collides perfectly with the fast-tempo of the track. It’s the type of song that needs to be played loud and will go down a treat with a live audience! An incredible second release for the band that will hopefully get them the recognition they deserve.

Leaving Bordeaux play their first sold out headliner set at Broadcast in Glasgow on the 22nd August 2020 I’m sure the first of many to come!



TWITTER: @LeavingBordeaux

INSTA: @LeavingBordeaux

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