Single Review: Baby Strange: More! More! More!

By Myrren Porter

Baby Strange are back with an absolute belter of a single.

It’s called ‘More! More! More!’ and we at The Music Files are absolutely obsessed, if you haven’t already- get it downloaded and give it the attention it deserves.

Like all their tracks, the new single reeks of attitude which ultimately is what makes the band so popular and cool.

The song begins with a continuous staccato beat which features through the track’s entirety. Throughout the song are these mental but absolutely brilliant guitar pieces that are featured solo at parts, showcasing the sheer talent of the three-piece. These are complimented by disjointed drums that in turn add to the overall tone of the single.

I am absolutely obsessed with Johnny Maddens’ vocals in this new single, they are quick and sharp to couple with the steady clipped beat, but they are clever and somewhat cheeky adding a punk slant to the band’s genre while still maintaining his strong weegie accent.

‘More! More! More!’ is similar to the bands track ‘Pure Evil’ in the sense that you can’t help but nod your head and want to go mental but the new single features more prominent beats and lyrics allowing a stronger punkesque vibe, showing the bands ability to change it up.


Baby Strange have become extremely popular on music scene since their creation in 2012, but if you haven’t already-you really should give them a back. Think of a Led Zeppelin clash with Joe Strummer.

They’ve been branded as an indie rock group regularly since their formation but I think their punk influences are becoming more apparent in their latest works which I am a big fan of and hopeful for it to continue in future tracks to come.

The new single is different in the sense that it illustrates different strengths of the group, however, maintains their attitude shown in previous songs which I think is awesome and really defines them as a collective.

For anyone who has not already given the single a listen, now is the time- I’m sure it will make your time in lockdown that little bit better and hopefully we’ll get to see the guys perform sometime in the near future.





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