‘Fortify’ – Static Satellites REVIEW

Written by Amanda Kilfeather.

“To fortify, is to build bravery and strength, resistance and resilience in the face of attack or adversity.

These lads have been constantly on the up ever since their formation in the summer of 2018. After being listed in Aussie Regal Radio’s “Independent Hottest 100 or 2019”and Edinburgh Live’s “Top 5 West Lothian Bands You Need to Know About”, this new single is yet another achievement to tuck under their belt.

We’ve had a good week-or-so to mull it over good and proper. And, as expected, it did not take us long to catch on to Fortify as an absolute BELTER of a single from Static Satellites.

The intro seems to set the scene of an awakening of sorts, a new dawn: soundtracked by sharp and bright guitar licks that soar over a pacey drumbeat from Ciaran, with Sam’s punchy, driving bass lines quickly following suit. It all melts together perfectly under the tone of Ross’ rich and powerful vocals, of which is definitely up there with the likes of James Graham of The Twilight Sad, Harry McVeigh of White Lies, and especially Tom Smith of Editors.

Equally as catchy as Ally’s guitar riffs through each verse, the chorus bursts through, with a fitting change in tempo and uplifting lyrics of resilience that we can so vividly imagine a choir of fans chanting back to the band.

In a clear indication of just how well these incredibly talented and skillful musicians gel together and complement one another in their dynamic, the breakdown in the final seconds of the track take things to another level. One mighty solo dominates, other the instruments all merge to match in power. The intensity builds to an explosive end that leaves your ears ringing and your mind blown.

To fortify, is to build bravery and strength, resistance and resilience in the face of attack or adversity. In the current climate, this is exactly what our society is craving. This is exactly what Static Satellites offer us.

To put it simply, ‘Fortify’ is a single of anthem-worthy status.

Play it, and make it LOUD:

To keep up to date with live shows and new music from Static Satellites, follow them on:

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