Single Review: The Covasettes – Spin

By Chelsea Ness

Indie rock four piece, The Covasettes are making wonders in the music scene with their latest EP, ‘Spin’. Hailing from Manchester, the band have made quite a name for themselves over the last year with the release of their first EP, ‘It’s Always Sunny Above the Clouds’, continuous gigs and festival appearances.

If you haven’t heard of The Covasettes before you soon will! Think Two Door Cinema Club meets Viola Beach. That vibrant indie celebration of bright sounds perfect for that summertime goodness. After listening to their latest release it’s clear the band are experimenting with different styles as they edge into a more rockier direction from their previous material. I love when bands can show the depth of their style with a wide range of different elements to their music and The Covasettes certainly achieve this with ‘Spin’.

The first track of two self-entitled, ‘Spin’ boosts straight in with the edgy electric guitar hooks and punchy drum beat making it a strong opener. Lead singer, Chris enters with the vocals which collide perfectly with the energetic guitar riffs carried out through the entire song. One of the things that stand out for me when listening to The Covasettes are their lyrics. I’m such a lyric fan when it comes to music and if there’s a lyric that I click with then that’s me I’m instantly hooked. Everyone takes their own meaning from music and I could be totally wrong but for me, ‘Spin’ relates to falling for someone that you shouldn’t be, with the lyrics, ‘she makes my heart and my head spin, she makes me lose my mind‘ suggesting ‘she’ has this uncontrollable hold on the persona. It’s like ‘she’s’ always on their mind and there’s nothing they can do about it. I’m sure we’ve all felt something similar. That’s the beauty of music there will always be listeners that can relate. The lyrics alongside the rapid tempo blend perfectly to create a fresher energetic sound for the band and with already 3000 streams on Spotify it’s clear listeners agree!

Track two, ‘Irate’ is a complete contrast from ‘Spin’ with a slower pace and intriguing bass yet the band still manage to create that fresh rockier feel. There’s a relaxed build from the intro which leaves the listener in anticipation… the perfect way to hook a fan in. The song focuses a lot more on the music than anything else which I love. It shows the band’s ability in not only writing lyrics but composing music as well. There’s over a minute of just solid instrumental before the vocals enter. ‘Irate’ really allows Chris to experiment with his vocal range which he does exceptionally well. His voice reminds me a bit of Van Mcann from Catfish and The Bottlemen – that natural vocal talent that we all envy.

If the latest E.P for The Covasettes shows us anything, it’s that this is just the start for the Manchester four-piece and I sure can’t wait to see what the guys bring to the table next!



TWITTER: @TheCovasettes

Instagram: @TheCovasettes

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