NEW SINGLE from Megan Black, “Hang Out Dry” – REVIEW

Whilst it seems artists big and small are postponing releases left, right and center, Megan Black is sticking to her guns and continuing with the release of her new single. A welcomed escape for listeners looking to lose themselves in something other than the lockdown blues.

I cannot continue my praise of this track without drawing attention to the artwork. Created by graphic designer Colin Teevan, it perfectly captures the warmth that Megan’s music is so often filled with.

The latest from Megan follows her success from previous singles, like the debut “Fur Coat Queen”, which saw her reach the top ten of the BBC Singer Songwriter Award. Completing the trio of first releases, the latest track further establishes Megan’s elegant writing style – her inspiration and admiration for artists like Stevie Nicks and Kate Bush shine through brilliantly.

Instantly Megan’s hauntingly angelic vocals wrap around you and awaken deep emotions that continue to build through the melody. Gentle, minimalistic guitar lines weave through the steady rumble of drums, meeting stunning harmonies that twinkle under the chorus.

Megan’s creative expression is so clearly fueled by her exploration of and passion of important topics like sexism, mental health, and LGBTQ+.  Standing out against her whimsical lyricism in previous singles, the lyrics of Hang Out Dry are unapologetically raw and honest – those opening lines make the hair on your arms and neck stand on end. The song tackles themes of addiction, relationships, and departure. She gives us a tale of vulnerability told in such a meaningful yet delicate manner.

Megan’s music is firmly rooted in her local gig scene and is continuing to grace fresh ears far and wide on the regular. We can’t wait to see her live again at a show in the very near future.

The new single and music video “Hang Out Dry” from Megan Black is out now, Friday 10th April, 2020. Available on YouTube and all streaming platforms.

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